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Free Essay Sample «My Life Partner Plan»

«My Life Partner Plan»
  1. Ideal partner characteristics: Jovial, passionate about sports and enjoys reading comic books, likes bowling and skating for fun, loves kids, is naturally protective but not overprotective, a person with a great sense of humor, friendly, faithful. My ideal partner should be very patient, loving and caring, liberal minded. I wish she would hate politics as much as I do. Generally my life parter should be very creative, goal oriented, rich, and should possess an admirable educational background.
  2. My strengths as a partner: caring, humble, hardworking, honest. I am a talented person or rather naturally gifted in sports and arts. I trust my ability to actualize what I visualize. I have great natural instincts about things.
  3. Life goals: I dream of becoming a billionaire. I would like to be a professional actor and probably walk my way to Hollywood in the coming years. I dream about a fancy a nice house along with a classy car. Touring some of the well known countries across the globe is one of my long term dreams. Representing my country in bowling would also be a dream come true.
  4. Finances: It would be fair for both of us to be financially stable. I really prefer both of us working for our family, as it will boost our companionship. During my partner’s maternity leave, I prefer her to work from home, so that we keep supporting each other financially. It will also be a good idea to start a family business. I expect both of us to manage and budget for our precious family.
  5. Careers: I prefer getting married to a rich person. A lawyer, an engineer, a doctor, or a Hollywood actress. To cut the chase, a person venturing in any career would be suitable, as long as she is rich. It will not matter who earns more either.
  6. Religion: I am a strongly devoted Christian. I possess a great religious background though my extended family possesses a great diversity in terms of which church they attend. I do expect my spouse to be a strong Christian from any church. I would also like my children to take religion seriously, if we are to build a strong religious family.
  7. Children: I want to have no more than four kids. I hope my last born kid is born before my spouse turns thirty three. Discipline will really matter much-spare the road and spoil the child. A bit of spanking and punishment coupled with words of wisdom to them should be helpful in upbringing.
  8. Household arrangements: I prefer my wife to cook for our family, rather than hiring a person to cook for us. I want my wife to help me around the house in some common chores. However, I will handle the masculine stuff like cleaning the garage, house repairs, as my wife would handle the feminine stuff like cleaning the house and doing the laundry.

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