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I have always wanted to make the world a better place, but I am still in search for the way how to do it that will perfectly comply with the type of a person I am. I know for sure that changing the world requires leadership, and that it takes time and efforts to become a true leader able to reshape reality into a more human and just one. Far from romantic dreams, I believe that it takes daily work to acquire necessary skills.

I have never been afraid of challenges. I came to the United States from Indonesia all by myself three year ago and have been living in San Francisco since then.  Being the first child among three, I feel responsibility for the family and for my siblings. Indeed, family is the first school of leadership and care that everyone has a chance to complete. As my brother studies at De Anza college, I take every chance to meet him and support him in what he does.

I am Catholic and my faith is essential to me. This faith is closely related to my family members because they are the ones whom I trust and whom I try to help whenever I can. I often take them to church, because I believe that common spiritual experiences unite people. Working with the poor children for HOPE program was a truly moving experience that made me rethink my priorities in life and feel grateful for my life.

My major is marketing, and I was also involved in internship for Niagara Bank last summer, which helped me learn the basics of banking. I am a committed person able to take responsibility and grow. I truly believe that changing the world for the better is about people who can become leaders for the others. I believe to have potential for becoming one and working prolifically for the benefit of the community of the University of San Francisco. 

Buy custom Personal Essay essay

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