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Free Essay Sample «Cover Letter»

«Cover Letter»

Dear His/ Her name,

I did see your ad on getwork.com for the position of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY TECHNICIAN Manager for your latest initiated project development.

I hereby enclose my resume for your evaluation. Could we convene to talk about my skills, experience as well as qualification? I got an Associate Degree (Network Security) as well as Bachelor Degree (Networking & Security Management) proficient from the School of ECPI College of Technology. I encompass a lot of year’s know-how in private sector as a Computer Technician. In the mean time, I need to work in some challenging and exhilarating environment. As a result, I am in scripting this letter to you.

I will be excited if you wish to schedule an interview with me, please reach me at above phone number or e-mail address. Thank you for your consideration.





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