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Free Essay Sample «Homeless»


Many people think that life consists of a set of choices we make, which affect the happiness, success, and self-fulfillment. There is also a common opinion that the outcome of the situation depends on what one thinks, analyses, and does in order to reach the goal; meaning that everything in life depends merely on the actions of the person who performs them. Nevertheless, I cannot agree with this opinion. Nor can I accept the fact that people judge the book by its cover without even trying to find out the story behind it.

My story is sad and hard to bare. However, with all its’ harshness and pain it had brought me, I have never been sorry for what had happened to me through the years. In contrary, I am thankful to God for the experience I have received, which made me a better and stronger person, as, in fact, what does not kill us, makes us stronger.

I have my personal experience of a homeless person. At 15 years old, I got pregnant with a child and decided to keep it. Back at those times, I still had a roof over my head and a possibility to buy food and pay for things. I gave birth to a wonderful healthy child, whom I love enormously. After the time had passed, I got relocated to Valdosta, GA in February 2011. Since that time, I had to take care of my 5 children, myself, and such problems as food, shelter, and health, which had been getting into my way. We had been living in a shelter for 2 whole weeks, and I had to separate from my children in order to find a job, a place to stay, and gain back the confidence, which had been lost in a storm of the nightmares in reality. Despite the harsh reality of my life, I continue to look forward for the sake of my children and their future so they do not have to go through what I had to. It is thanks to them that I keep face and look onto the bright side.


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