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Once you have decided on the topic for your term paper and done comprehensive research on the topic, you will then need to write your paper in the right term paper format.

The success of your essay will be greatly influenced by the type of format you choose to use. In some cases, professors specify the formats that students ought to use but even then an understanding of the format is imperative.

The specifications and details that characterize each term paper format are mind-boggling and to be honest many students are often frustrated by it. Using the wrong breadth of spacing between lines for example can be detrimental to your term paper’s grade.

It helps if you go through term paper samples with different formats, as this will give you a better understanding of the requirements of each format. These sample papers are available online and I would recommend that you take time to go through several before getting started on your paper.

There are three formats that are commonly used by students across the board and each is best suited for specific areas of study. APA or American Psychological Association format for instance works well for term papers in societal and behavioral fields of study. Some of the unique characteristics of this format are the use of the term List of References in place of bibliography, following all punctuation by a single space, use of manuals and in this format it is crucial that you understand the difference between ‘p’ and ‘pp’.

The Modern Language Association format or MLA is best suited for term papers in the areas of liberal arts and humanities. This particular format lays emphasis on page standards such as margin inches on all sides and such like detail.

Last but not least, we have the Turabian format, which is preferred for term papers in the areas of political sciences, history and theology. Unlike the APA format, in Turabian bibliography is used in place of List of References. This format unlike APA and MLA is mostly unique for lack of any precise requirements on the title page.

Doing research and putting together your data is a hard enough job without having to go through the stress of formatting your work. Let’s face it, even the brightest of students will encounter challenges when it comes to formatting mid term papers.

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