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Free Essay Sample «Personal Statement»

«Personal Statement»

Like many recent graduates, I want to find my place in the world. My father‘s friendship with our neighbor sparked my interest in the engineering with a strong bias in the automotive sector. My father had worked hard for his entire life to provide us with a bright future; my father has always had a strong desire for me to pursue my career of interest. Ever since, I was fifteen years old, I interacted with the owner of a mechanical shop that repaired and maintained vehicles near our home. Every summer, I spent a lot of time learning about its operations right from vehicle assembling to driving on the road. Therefore, I thought it was logical to continue finding out more about motor vehicles and in future to pursue the career related to this sphere.

The skills I have gained had an immense impact on problem solving and an ability to give analytical thought in the engineering sector. I realized that in order to develop a strong foundation in mechanical engineering I needed to perfect my knowledge in the same field. My interest in the automotive industry was rekindled by the continued noise of machines in the neighborhood. This made me aware of essential needs for skillful service in the manufacturing industry. The dynamics of an engine showed me how much I wanted to learn. I had gained a strong background in applied science in high school and was ranked top student, in the dean’s list. In the presidential scholar status, I won some prizes in service delivery i.e. volunteering at UNICEF.

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My interest in engineering stems from the working experience which improved my knowledge and understanding of mechanical issues. I undertook a temporary job at a mechanic shop which belonged to my dad’s friend. The mechanic shop was a place where I practically gained skills on mechanical functions, vehicle assembling and various aspects of vehicle maintenance. I had the ability to initiate healthy relationships with clients. I chose this particular program because I am eager to challenge myself in the mechanical area of engineering.

I am interested in undertaking a degree in mechanical engineering at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, since it is the best program that can complement well with my background in applied sciences. The career objectives I intend to achieve is the ability to demonstrate proficiency in creating, managing, and maintaining trends in mechanical engineering of the service industry. I will also gain the ability to conceptualize real world mechanical issues using mathematical tools, ability to design mechanical instruments and technology enabled systems. I will also have the ability to integrate tools in the service industry. With the technical expertise and professional skills learnt, my future career goal is to work for the automotive industry as a technocrat in all aspects of mechanical engineering.

I am confident that by admitting me to a course in mechanical engineering, I will meet the demands of the program by applying the scientific knowledge that I have acquired. In addition, I will use the practical experience to give and make constructive contributions, thoughts, relevant ideas to group meetings and class discussions thereby enriching my peer group members.


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