• Tips on Writing a Proposal Speech Sample

    Proposing to your love mate is a very special moment that requires you to be exceptionally creative and romantic to make it never-to-be-forgotten. Therefore, everything you say or do should be ...

  • Cricket and Its Role in English Sport

    Today, academic editing service wants to talk about cricket. Cricket refers to the national English sport. It is considered to be a part of the country’s history. It is not necessarily for ...

  • Persuasive Essay Sample: Cyberbullying Topic

    If you are assigned to write a persuasive say about cyberbullying, it is obvious that this is not the topic that anyone is in favor of. There is no need to argue about the pros and cons of bullying ...

  • Composing a Literature Review

    The academic writer has the responsibility of providing the general overview of the relevant published literature. If you are aware that your readers do not know much about the discussed topic, ...

  • What Are the Memoirs?

    The genre of memoirs has undergone evolutionary changes in the content, form, and means of expression of the author's position over the centuries. Evolving from brief notes (the so-called form of ...

  • How to Write an Exploratory Essay

    An exploratory essay is a type of writing in which a problem is studied from different perspectives. There is a generally accepted structure of exploratory papers. The introduction is opened with ...

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