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  • Tips on Writing an Analysis Essay on Advertisement

    It goes without saying that advertising is an indispensable part of our life, as different sorts of products are advertised all the time.  No wonder students are often assigned to write ...

  • Example of a Synopsis

    Most writers are not really into synopsis writing. The ones, who spent last years of their life on book writing, hate it because it seems daunting. Others claim that synopsis writing has nothing to ...

  • Handy Tips to Write a Dialogue in Your Essay

    How to Liven up Your Essay by Means of Dialogues? Making up dialogues have always baffled even the most experienced essay writers. No surprise, because a dialogue should not only convey the direct ...

  • Most Difficult College Classes Ever

      Probably, every student likes to complain about the complexity of their classes once in a while. However, there are students who have every right to do that. They take one of the three ...

  • What Is Happiness

    Everyone has his own concept of happiness. Somebody dreams of wealth and expensive things. Someone is pleased with simpler, everyday trifles. Material values do not replace the warmth of ...

  • Dream Sweet Dream

    People say that we spend third of our life sleeping. But what’s the exact length of this “third” considering the fact that lifespan of people is different? It was calculated that 24 years ...

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