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Free Essay Sample «Living in a Big City VS Living in a Small Town»

«Living in a Big City VS Living in a Small Town»

There is a common opinion that big cities are now in crisis. Every day more and more people move to small towns and villages in pursuit of calm and peace. They claim that suburbs are the most appropriate place to live nowadays. Quiet and clean environment, attractive nature, a possibility to have your own house with a big garden – these are all the advantages of living in a village.

Many people are against living in big cities, and they give their reasons. Firstly, it is a not safe place to live, because the crime is reaching record levels. Secondly, excessive pollution has made a city’s environment unhealthy. Finally, a transport system is in a state of gridlock, and it takes too much time to reach your destination.

These reasons are strong, but in my view, too much exaggerated. Firstly, that is true that crime record is accelerating, but, on the other hand, a city has much more effective system of avoiding the crime. For example, street cameras and police officers guarding public places. Secondly, the rate of pollution in the city is under control now: plants use up-to-date filters, many car owners are starting to use environmentally friendly fuel. Finally, if you live in a village, but work in a city, you have the same problem with traffic jams, as you would have while living in a city.

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In my opinion, a city is not as bad place to live as it is said to be nowadays. It still has many things to offer for its inhabitants. Living in a city, you have a chance to develop a successful career and to earn lots of money. Moreover, you may get a good education that is necessary in our modern world. Also, you have a possibility to enjoy the bright lights, organize your leisure time and find an extraordinary hobby.

In a conclusion, I would say that I will never change living in a city to living in a town. In spite of some city’s disadvantages, its advantages are much more valuable for me. So, I see no reason in moving to a village just because it is less polluted and more peaceful. Those who enjoy living in a city, usually try not to notice its disadvantages. Because of the hectic and interesting life, people just have no time for it.


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