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Free Essay Sample «Three Life Goals»

«Three Life Goals»

During the whole life people are searching for an appropriate place in the society. They decide for themselves what their preferences are, what they are going to achieve. Actually, it is not easy to understand what a person’s goal is. Nevertheless, people continue creating even visualizing their future lives, they imagine a desirable pattern of the world where they dream to live. Thus, in order to make their dreams real, they identify the goals and try to implement them. People are different, therefore they have their own goals and dreams, but usually a great majority of them dream to be healthy, have close-knit family and successful career. Mainly these goals are the most common.

First, health is the most significant component of the life. If a person is healthy he can cope with any kind of job, moreover, he can simply enjoy the life and make him and all the people around happy. However, with the hectic pace of life it is difficult enough to care about the state of people’s health. Therefore, it is necessary to stop for a sort time and estimate the encircling situation and remember that one of the life goals is a strong health.

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There is no doubt that the next important goals are successful career and solid family. All people dream to have well-paid job which will not only increase their income, but will bring satisfaction. Therefore, people spend a lot of years studying and practicing in order to reach this goal.

In addition, it is important to dream about future family, as it is the vital part of the life. It provides unconditional kind of love and necessary support. For some people it is the main goal of life, since it is not easy to find a beloved person. And when one finally does this he becomes the happiest and most successful person in the world.

To sum up, the goals are the only way to the successful future. Therefore, with the help of obsessive drive to achieve and persevere it is possible to create the dream future.


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