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Free Essay Sample «My Childhood Home»

«My Childhood Home»

My childhood home is for me, as for any other person, a special place that carries lots of memories. However, the place where I was born is interesting and exciting not only because of the native citizens but also because of people who have never been there. Originally, I am from the state of Kerala in the south-western part of India, and they call this region «God’s own country». The reason is the immensely breathtaking beauty of the landscapes of my home places. It is almost impossible to believe that such marvelous places were created without a higher purpose. I guess, Kerala and its attractions were made by God to remind every person and humanity in general how serene and heavenly Earth can be like an example and a motivational image to aspire to.. Kerala has lush green forests, tall coconut trees, spectacular beaches and beautiful wildlife. So, I was blessed by God to enjoy the beauty of my home region with scenic natural beauty from the first days of my life.

Of course, lots of memories that I hold dear from my childhood and my early years are connected really closely with the places where I grew up. I had lived there for the first fourteen years of my life, and most of the first experiences a person may usually have had happened exactly there. I still recollect the days when I used to walk to my friends’ houses and hang out with them – the simple joys of everyday life that stay in one’s memory.

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The traditional Indian cuisine also comes to my mind when I think about Kerala. Those spicy and sweet delicacies are unforgettable, and although I’ve been around the world a lot and tried lots of Indian food specialties in various restaurants and hotels, nothing can compare to the meals that my grandmother used to cook for me and my brother. She made it with love and devotion. I can remember myself and my brother look forward to the festive and regular meals. Our friends also used to come to dinners at our place quite often because of the placid and caring atmosphere we had in our household thanks to our grandmother who took such good care of us when we were little.

I have fourteen years of Kerala’s memories in me, and believe me, I may or may not come back to Kerala again, but nobody can take away from me those fourteen years of memories, because the bonds that have developed between the members of my family, the beautiful locations of my home city and the friends of my childhood. My family is a typical Indian middle-class family, my father and mother were working in the Middle East trying to make our childhood years as fulfilling as it was possible. So, my brother and I were living with my grandmother who tried to open our eyes to the beauty of our home city and the world. She taught us lots of good personalities such as discipline and the way to behave among others. I heard that lots of adolescents experience problems such as the absence of identity, which frequently evokes uncontrolled behavior and emotions. Much insecurity and anxiety can be noticed when parents are trying to pursue their life goals of establishing strong friendship with peers and finding their place within the society. I personally suppose that every particular teenager is capable of overcoming all socially-related obstacles although he or she is forced to prioritize work under in accordance with the schedule. But I was lucky enough to have such a strong and positive senior figure as my grandmother and such interesting and inspiring people as my friends and my brother to help me deal with the typical childhood and adolescent problems.

When I think about my school days, beautiful memories and the absence of worries and tensions come to my memory. Our innocence was our best friend, we used to spend our careless days waiting for Independence Day and Republic Day or any festivals just for sweets, candies given at school, homework, exams, prizes, punishments. When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up, but now I that I have grown up I want to be a kid again. My grandmother used to make good food for us. My fondest childhood memory is when me and my brother were playing cricket, climbing mango trees, hanging insecurely on branches and throwing stones aiming at the high-rise mangoes. All this happened when my grandmother was taking an afternoon nap. As I take a moment to recapture the joys of laughter and innocence, I miss those moments as well as I do miss my grandmother. She passed away last year, but our memories of her cannot be erased. Thanks to her, we can be sure we had a wonderful childhood, and there was virtually nothing that could have clouded our early years.


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