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Best Online Proofreading Services for All Students

Have you finished writing your research paper, essay or thesis? Congratulations! Nevertheless, there is still a step to take before you can hand it in. Writing is much more than putting the ideas on a file. It is important to take into consideration such aspects as the choice of the appropriate tone, correct grammar, reasonable arguments, tactics of persuasive approach, and specific features of the required research area. So, it is always vital to check over any piece of writing to make sure that it will be successful without doubt. You need to be confident that when you submit your paper, the professor is satisfied with how well you adhere to the writing norms and standards. However, given that students and researchers produce a large amount of writing throughout their time in colleges and universities, using the assistance of a qualified proofreader in order to cope with all the assignments effectively will be crucial to them. In case you are looking for someone to improve your paper, remember that only the best online proofreading services can guarantee you an excellent result.

If you are searching for a reliable and reputable company to fix the text of any complexity, Essays-Expert.com is definitely worth your attention. The main reason why we are able to cope with this task is that we have hired a great pool of proficient proofreaders providing this service. Our best online proofreading service offers you to make use of our online proofreading help so that you could express your ideas in the most effective manner. We would like to assure you that we can cope with the modification of any task, making it truly perfect.

Our proofreading website Essays-Expert.com gives the best online proofreading services for those students who need excellent proofreading. How can you be sure that we never break our promises? First of all, the focus of our work is on the success of our customers, not the profits we can make. We are eager to help you cope with any kind of writing and achieve the results you have planned. Read through the terms we have developed to see that they are really beneficial for our clients. All policies of our company are transparent and the customers know that they can make use of great bonuses and discounts, ordering our proofreading service online. We recommend you to use our services if you want to enhance your confidence and be sure that there are no errors in your works.

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Proofreading vs. Editing: What Is the Difference?

The beginners often search for the best proofreading and editing services, wondering whether both of them are the same or which one they need to choose. In fact, both of these terms are dealing with the improvement of the overall writing quality. However, proofreading focuses on the surface area, while editing dives deeper into the content and aims to fix the fundamental issues in writing, including the paper structure and the text flow. If you are looking to improve your academic or business writing, a deeper understanding of the differences between these two services will help you decide which one you require depending on the need of your document. Thus, the differences of these two services are as follows:



What does it make better?

The big picture.

The paper details.

When is it done?

On the first draft.

On the last draft (it is the final step in the editorial process).

The speed of work

Relatively slow and gradual (it is more in-depth).

It moves much faster than editing.

Is subject knowledge needed?

Yes, it is.

It is preferable, but not of crucial importance.

Is rewriting involved?

At times.


Is the knowledge of relevant style guide required?

Yes, it is.

Yes, it is.

How Do I Proofread My Paper Properly?

A lot of students, writers and researchers wonder "What is proofreading?" and "How to do it in the best way possible?" Actually, the most effective way to proofread an academic paper is to do it methodically and carefully. Let us look at the best strategies for proofreading that are the most applicable to scholarly documents and can help you get successful papers:

  1. Read your writing out loud and hear your writing. By hearing your own text, you will notice the errors your eyes will certainly miss.
  2. When proofing with your eyes, try to slow down your reading pace. Reading quickly will result in overlooked flubs, whereas slow reading will help you catch the mistakes that escaped your scrutiny.
  3. To notice more missteps, try to alter the appearance of your document in some way. For example, you can modify the font’s size, style or color, or even divide the text into two columns. In such a way you will give those slip-ups one more chance to appear in front of your eyes.
  4. Have a checklist of all the elements to be checked (grammar, spelling, formatting, punctuation, etc.).
  5. Never rely on online proofreading tools, since they are severely limited and are never as efficient and meticulous as a human proofreader, who is familiar with all the peculiarities of academic writing and always pays close attention to every details.
  6. Read through your document several times, and double check everything, once looking just at grammar, another time looking just at spelling or punctuation, and so on.
  7. Ask for help. If you’re not confident that you need that comma or whether to use “brake” or “break,” look it up in a writing handbook, or turn to a professional for help.

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The Reasons to Use Online Proofreading Services

You are a good writer, but you doubt that you are capable of checking all the mistakes in your work on your own? Actually, it is a common problem for many students and authors, so they decide to delegate this task to companies that offer professional academic proofreading services. In fact, there are many situations when it is better to use a reliable proofreading service, rather than do it by yourself. Here are some of them:

  • Lack of time. We know it very well how students are always dealing with tight deadlines and trying to meet them, but often fail their work due to the late submission, so they often skip the time-consuming proofreading stage in order to hand in the paper on time. You need some rest after the hard research and writing stage, and looking for errors in your own text will take much more time than for our professional online proofreader who can do this task for you.
  • Lack of expertise. Sometimes, you can miss some errors simply because you just do not know that certain aspects of your work are not correct. When you cooperate with our specialists, such things will not happen, since they are all high-skilled and educated and versed in the highest standards of academic writing.
  • Long and complex papers. If you have written a term paper, long scientific article, capstone project, thesis, dissertation, or any other large paper, proofreading your work will turn out to be a real trouble. You’ve gone through that material hundreds of times, so it will be difficult for you to notice all the minor mistakes in a long piece of writing, but for a professional proofreader, who reads it for the first time, it will be a piece of cake.
  • Untrained eye. While you tend to focus on your research work and writing more, than on looking for errors and inconsistencies in your text, we specialize in proofreading. We have been providing the proofread service for many years, therefore, our professionals can spot any flaw or inconsistency in your paper at a glance. Thanks to the vast experience in the sphere, our seasoned experts can proofread your piece of writing much more efficiently and more quickly than you.

Get Help from the Professional Team of Great Proofreaders

If you are searching for the best online proofreading service, you’ve already found it. Our online proofreaders are well known for their qualifications and dedication to delivering top-quality results. To get your papers checked thoroughly and fast by adept and responsible proofreaders as well as improved as per your expectations, you can choose our service and ask our experts to “proofread my assignment”. 

Our hiring policy implies that professionalism is the basis of our work. We guarantee that the quality of all the projects we do is really high. We want to deliver only the best online proofreading services; so, we never hire anybody but experienced experts with corresponding education. Our specialists have specific features that help them cope with any assignments:

  • Experience. Only those proofreaders who have worked on a lot of papers can do their best with yours.
  • Commitment to the common goal. We know that each of our specialists is dedicated to work and they do proofreading in a diligent manner. Our experts proofread every project thoroughly to guarantee that there are no issues with punctuation, style, spelling, or grammar.
  • Skills of time management. Our policy is based on the principle of timeliness. No delays at all! Our experts deal with urgent tasks really well.
  • BA, MA and Ph.D. degrees. Our experts take papers of any level of difficulty and check them for mistakes. You can order any paper: from an essay to a dissertation.
  • Subject-matter experts. Our great team of professional proofreaders comprises experts on thousands of topics. As a result, if you require subject-specialist proofreading and order our service, we will pair you with the perfect proofreader for your project, no matter its subject (Sociology, Biology, Nursing, Management, Business, Economics, Literature, etc.).

Place your proofreading orders at Essays-Expert.com and get perfect texts from us. We perform our professional services quickly and efficiently!

The Best Proofreading Service: We Can Refine Any Document

We do proofreading online for any student who wants us to check his or her case brief, essay, poem, post, blog article, letter, research paper, or any other writing project. We do thorough check and take your writing to a higher level. It is convenient that our online proofreading has a very simple procedure. We are absolutely sure that your text will be polished by one of our great proofreaders who can influence your target audience and make your message clear and solid.

The most common types of proofreading services we render are as follows:

Type of Service



This is the most typical assignment given to students as well as proofread by our professionals. Most of these assignments don’t exceed 3-5 pages, but they can cause troubles for students. Therefore, if you realize that you cannot meet your professor’s requirements or have specific guidelines to follow, don’t hesitate and hire a knowledgeable essay proofreader to help you.

Research papers

Research projects are widespread too. They can be long and complex enough to confuse and exhaust even the most diligent and energetic student. Thus, if you are tired and need help in research paper, coursework, capstone project, thesis or dissertation proofreading, just delegate this task to us.

Academic assignments and projects

We can proofread any writing assignment, from a small synopsis, case brief, discussion board post, or movie review to a long term paper, speech, lab report, PowerPoint presentation, Math or Excel work. Whatever assignment you think you need help with, entrust it to us.

Business projects

Our experts can proofread various business writing assignments, including business plan, business report, white paper, memo, letter, etc.

Articles, books or other publications

Before sending your work for publication, you have to make sure it is perfect. You can ask our experts to proofread it and they will do their best to contribute to your reputation, image, success and position in the professional and academic world.

Application essays, resumes and CVs

When you have come across a vacancy of your dream, the only thing left is to submit an excellent, competitive resume. The same is with admission essays, scholarship essays, personal statements and motivation letters, etc., when you want to be admitted to a college. Just send your request and ask our highly-skilled specialists to refine your document.

How Do We Do Online Proofreading?

We have corrected piles of papers and we know that most of mistakes students make are typical. So, have a look at the areas which we will correct to improve your writing:

  • Grammar – Not every student has perfect knowledge of grammar rules. Some of them know the theory, but it is complicated for them to apply it in practice. With our best online proofreading services, it is not a problem at all.
  • Spelling – Our proofreaders pay special attention to all the nuances of American or British English and all kinds of spelling mistakes.
  • Punctuation – Students find the area of punctuation really complex and we help them cope even with the most sophisticated cases.
  • Formatting – One of our proofreading strategies is to check all the footnotes, in-text citations, and endnotes according to the chosen style of formatting.

We help you make all your projects consistent, logical, and correct in terms of grammar, style, and spelling. It will be easy to read your texts after our editors have polished them.

Online Proofreading Service: What Aspects Will Be Covered?

As soon as you come to us and say “proofread my essay”, or any other paper, be sure that our experts will clean up your writing so it is readable and free from errors. Our online proofreading service covers the following features:


    Affordable Prices for the Best Online Proofreading Services

The pricing scheme of our website is competitive. We offer great, reasonable rates starting from $6.99 per page of 300 words. We guarantee quality proofreading and clear pricing as it depends on such factors as academic level, deadline, and word count. Just note that only last-minute requests will increase the price, as well as the academic level and the length of your project. We would like to assure you that even if you take the most expensive package, it will still be affordable for you. We never charge anything extra for the provided service. No hidden costs or ambiguous charges. You take advantage of a high-grade service while saving your costs and budgets. Nevertheless, your project will be enhanced without any compromise on the writing and proofreading quality.


    The Best Online Proofreading Service that Is Totally Confidential

When you deal with our company, all the information that you provide us with, is held in absolute privacy and confidence. We guarantee that we will never give away your private information, including your name, and any detail concerning your paper, to any third party. Moreover, we do our best to make sure that our IT equipment incorporates the latest security software and devices including encryption. You can be confident that you stay anonymous every time you use our proofreading service online, as we proofread documents, using the best technologies of data encryption.

Great Benefits from Essays-Expert.com

  • Continuous assistance and management. Our support managers can answer your questions 24/7. We are online round the clock to address all your concerns on the phone or live chat as a free service.
  • Fast turnaround. Have you forgotten to proofread your essay, article or term paper that is due tomorrow? You can rely on our experts. They work promptly and efficiently in order to provide you with a flawless work within the specified timeframe. Our professionals are able to deal with deadlines as tight as 24, 12, 8 or even 6 hours (where it is reasonable).
  • Deadlines met. You may have a really tight deadline and we know how important it is to you to meet it. We can help you at night, on holidays, or at weekends. We focus on timeliness of every order and you will like our approach to work.
  • Reliability of the systems for payment. You can choose any of our secure channels for payment, which is suitable for your needs.
  • Individual approach. We understand that every paper you ask us to improve is unique. Its content should be engaging enough and have an impact on the audience. Our experts will take into account all the specific requirements and will follow every instruction you provide them with. They perform their work competently to help you avoid the rejection of your project without consideration of its content.
  • Order status option. Making your order at Essays-Expert.com, you have an opportunity to monitor the process of polishing and fixing your paper. Our customer support representatives will give you all the necessary instructions and you will be able to check the status of your order and communicate with your expert, in case any clarification is necessary. Thus, you can stay updated on the process. 

We Want to Polish the Writing for You: Find Out How It Works

We have developed the system of proofreading services in accordance with your individual academic needs. If you cooperate with us, we will provide you with prompt help that is invaluable in your studies. No matter which paper you want us to improve, we will readily do what is needed. Send us a request “Proofread my research paper!”  and get your paper polished on time through a simple process of placing your order:

  1. Fill out the form with all necessary personal details and info about the paper. Provide us with your name, phone number, and email. Enumerate all the requirements, including the discipline, topic, word count, academic level, deadline, and other aspects. Do not forget to attach the file to be proofread.
  2. Pay for the proofreading. After a confirmation has been given to your financial transaction, we will assign your order to one of the best suited experts.
  3. Wait until the specified deadline expires and log in to your account on our website to download the proofread paper. Check your email for a direct link as well (in case you've asked our customer support agents to send your paper to your email).

In addition, if you need more in-depth review of your work, i.e. editing help, and are looking for top editing and proofreading services, you can order both of them at Essays-Expert.com.

Make Your Writing Strong and Peerless with Our Help

Our professional proofreading service is all about making sure you can communicate your meaning in your texts as effectively and clearly as possible. Our help makes it easy for you to put a final polish on your work and rest assured that it is flawless and suitable for your purposes. Our experienced proofreaders are never afraid of difficult or complex tasks. They all know how to cope with even the most ambiguous conventions of the academic language. They are able to find the most confusing inconsistencies in any paper and remove them successfully without compromising the content.

It is always beneficial to make use of our best online proofreading services as we always assign professional editors to all the projects. No matter which academic level of writing you need, with our help your paper will look ideal. Check the testimonials of our clients and see how highly they value what we are doing for them.

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