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An Essay Introduction

How well can You Write an Essay Introduction?

Essays-Expert.com owes its success to its highly-skilled researchers and writers. Since our foundation, our essay writing team has evolved to include some of the best and most highly-skilled talents the industry has to offer. All our custom writers are educated to Master’s and PhD level and are well capable of producing any type of paper, from an admission essay through to a dissertation, to a remarkable standard.

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Our Hiring Procedures

At Essays-Expert.com, we are fully aware that our success relates directly to yours. We know that we could not succeed as a reputable essay writing service if it were not for our superbly skilled and professional writers. They know what it takes to make an essay stand out. Hence, to hire the best custom writers, we have a strict recruitment process in place. Before joining us, all applicants must:

  • Submit an application or admission essay;
  • Let us have an up-to-date resume;
  • Provide samples of their written work;
  • Successfully undertake written assessments to enable us to evaluate their formatting, grammar, punctuation and spelling skills;
  • Write a custom paper according to academic criteria;
  • Fill out an application form, which is slightly similar to a personal essay, listing their experience, degree type and the subjects they are qualified to write in.

Once accepted, all writers undergo a trial period where they are assessed by our Quality Control personnel. When this trial is successfully completed, they can join our team on a full-time basis to complete the assignments our customers buy.

Our Writers Come from the USA, UK and Canada

Our writers hail from English speaking countries and, because of time zone differences, our customers benefit from having a qualified writer continually available to work for them. So, regardless of the time, you are always assured of receiving professional help when you contact us.

Often, students dread when they are given assignments. It can be such a challenge and many students get stuck for a variety of reasons. The list can be a long one but, whatever the reasons, students regularly need to buy writing online within a price range that is as affordably cheap as possible. So, why do students buy essays from good writing service providers?

Some of the Reasons that Students Need to Buy Essays

As we have noted above, academic writing can be a challenge for many students. Usually, their subject is one that has been studied previously by experts in that field. While, at first, it may seem simple, many students face these problems:

  1. Inadequate research. Students frequently face problems by rushing into a project without undertaking sufficient research first. Preliminary research means looking for suitable sources and fine-tuning the topic.
  2. Deciding on sources. There is no end of research sources online. However, deciding which ones are valid can be somewhat perplexing. It is recommended that you pay careful attention to the relevance of the material and the author. Seek out educational and government websites because these are generally trustworthy. Check with your tutors too because they can often point you towards reliable sources such as textbooks and journals.  
  3. Developing a good thesis statement in an essay introduction. Most students are familiar with a thesis statement. They know how difficult it is to develop one in an essay introduction so that it summarizes the entire topic idea.   
  4. Structuring the research sources. Professional writers know how to extract the most relevant data and incorporate it into a research paper. Select the information that best supports your key ideas. Remember that all body paragraphs should represent a specific point.
  5. Not abiding by the formatting instructions. Tutors will be quite specific about the formatting style they require. Each citation style follows a specific method and students frequently get them mixed up.

Professional Help with an Essay from Essays-Expert.com

It is our goal to help you write your papers and make an essay outshine all others at a price that is cheap enough for you to afford. Our business is rapidly developing with a professional team who are available 24x7, whether you want a personal essay or a thesis. You can expect the following from Essays-Expert.com:

  • Grade-winning papers on any topic and in any discipline for all educational levels.
  • Professional assistance from a highly-qualified writing and editorial team.
  • The option to select your own writer and monitor your order as it progresses.
  • Numerous discounts and bonus schemes.
  • 100% confidentiality and originally-written work.

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