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Ways to Write a Good Essay

When writing argument essays, the point of the writer is usually to use logic and intelligence, as well as a reason to show that a certain point of view is better than another. The whole point of it is for a reader to buy into one way of thinking as opposed to others. If one were to take a sample of term paper done in the persuasive writing method, he/she will notice the use of the reason to try and legitimatize a specific way of thinking as opposed to others. There are some steps necessary when one plans to come up with a custom argument term paper and essay:

  • One needs to choose which side of the argument he/she will support. This makes it easy to come up with content from the term paper topics provided.
  • The next step is to understand the target audience. If the writer gets the audience wrong, there will be a price to pay – and it will not be cheap.
  • What follows is that the writer needs to do a thorough research on the topic provided. This may involve going online to gather material that will be enough to make the term paper custom enough for the audience in mind. One needs to have all the facts and figures in line before presenting.
  • The last step is to organize the work so as to ensure that it makes sense to the audience. For assistance, on this step, one can turn to any sample of term paper content done previously on similar ideas. The audience needs to be able to follow all the ideas of the writer and understand them well.

In order to ensure that a sensible and acceptable argument is realized, one needs to do the following:

  • To have thorough understanding of the topic at hand. The information about it should be at one’s fingertips, and he/she needs to appear natural in their presentation.
  • One needs to try out his/her argument from opposing sides. If there are as many legitimate reasons to why the idea is wrong as there are to why it is right, then the idea is arguable enough.
  • After coming up with and understanding the opposing arguments, one needs to find reasons to counter these arguments and beat them hands down.
  • Since the whole point is to prove ones argument with reason, it is important to provide evidence as to why this point of view is correct. This evidence can be in the form of an essay term paper, or any other documentary format.

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In order to support ones argument, there are steps that one needs to take. These steps are as follows.

  1. One needs to lay facts on the table that actually show that this point of view concurs with reality. That is why it is necessary to read widely on the subject matter. It is worth noting that facts are fundamentally different from truths in that facts can be proven whereas truths are just widely held beliefs which may not be easily proven if at all.
  2. One can provide figures from previous research. These could be obtained from a sample of term paper reports that have been written on the subject matter or from any other legitimate and verifiable source.
  3. One can also quote from experts who have spoken on the matter.

There are many areas in which one can create an argument paper on. These are all dependent on how comfortable the writer is on each. The choice is ultimately left to the writer or his/her curriculum (in case of students) to choose. However, in order to get it right, it is important to research thoroughly before even starting to write so as to ensure that one gets the facts right.

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