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Writing an essay is an integral part of of some academic course requirements fulfilling. A good essay includes writing what is in your head at the moment and then adding more information as you revise and research, dividing the essay into sections and different topics, recognizing a target reader, analyzing what the reader needs to know, discerning the tone to use while writing, and revising the work with colleagues before presenting it.

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However, you do not have to perform any of these tasks when you need essays to be written. At Essays-Expert.com, our expert custom writers have been writing essays example for PhD students for a long time. Our cheap prices are based on your specifications as discussed here.The time limit of your order plays a big role where the minimum time you should give us is 3 hours and the maximum is 14 days. Very big orders may require one month depending on their complexity.

The size of your order is the other determinant of the price charged. Our custom writing service standards are in the format of about 275 words per page, Arial or Times New Roman, font 12, double spaced. We can still provide you with an academic essay written according to any other desired formats and settings, where the price shall be adjusted accordingly.

Another factor is the academic level in which the essay is being written. High School is usually the lowest level, while PhD is the highest. Naturally, essays at the lower levels present less work and therefore, will cost less as compared to higher level essays, which tend to be more complicated. There are, however, some lower level essays that require more research and input than higher levels and may thus cost a little more.

The specific essay writer to handle your work will also determine the price. You will be given the freedom to select the writer’s category from our three options; ESL, ESL Advanced and ENL. ESL stands for English as Second Language. The writers in this category are hired from across the globe from countries where English is the second language of communication. ESL advanced writers also speak English as a secondary language but are more advanced since they have done a lot of work for us during a specific period of time. Lastly, ENL stands for English as Native Language, and this category has writers from the USA, UK, and Canada who are native speakers of the English language. You will have an option of requesting for the services of a specific writer to handle all your subsequent orders once you request more than 2 orders from our online essays writing service.

After deciding to buy a custom essay from our prolific writing services, you will have to follow the following steps to complete your order. First, you will be required to fill an order form providing all the required information. After the analysis of your needs, you will be presented with a payment form and requested to process the payment since our services are pre-paid. Once the payment goes through, our team will start working on your order immediately and assign it to an appropriate writer within 30 minutes.

Once the writer completes the work, we will check the essay with our plagiarism detection software so as to make sure that it is authentic and plagiarism-free. Then your work goes to a professional editor, who will cross-check your paper. And only after that will the final audited work be uploaded to your secure order page for your review. At this point, only an unprintable and uneditable PDF version of the order can be viewed and you will be requested to either approve it or ask for a revision in the rare case of work not impressing you. After your final approval of the work, you can download the final work in a .doc format.

Such online method of the end-product delivery mechanism ensures its safety and security. Your personal order page is protected by a password known only by you. We recommend that you use a strong unique password to avoid any unauthorized access to your account. On the webpage, you will also be able to rate our services by filling in a custom survey form.

Our writing essay example speaks for itself. Visit Essays-Expert.com and enjoy our cooperation!

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