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Some strong individual motivators for Beth, Bill, and Peter can be their jobs, their status in the society, and way of life. Some other motivators may be background and gender, which may have an influence on their personalities. As a manager, I would assist my employee Beth by offering her help in the form of free counseling. I would also propose her a sick leave and encourage her to build a strong circle of supportive friends to help her get through the challenges of battling cancer. The goal would be to assist my employee in any way possible.

As Bill’s manager, I would encourage him to pursue a degree due to the fact that he is so talented and gives outstanding performance on a regular basis. If he demonstrates a good work ethic, then he is able to take future opportunities. If possible, I would assist him with tuition costs, which may encourage him to pursue a degree.

As Peter’s manager, I would probably shorten his hours of work and offer him a different schedule. In addition, I place him on a retirement list and propose him social safeguards after a certain amount of years with the company. A standard plan of action that I would use for all three employees is a significant input. By means of it, everyone has a chance to voice their opinions. That way, it gives me, as a manager, a chance to communicate with my employees and better satisfy their needs. It also gives everyone a possibility to empower themselves and the company. That is why, it is a mutual reward for everyone, and not just for the manager.


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