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Free Essay Sample «Exemplary Professional Practices in Magnet Hospitals»

«Exemplary Professional Practices in Magnet Hospitals»


This is very important health care tool developed to enhance the performance of nurses by ensuring that they follow the tradition of their profession to the latter. This facility allows the nurses to develop favorable working conditions which are essential for nursing practices in hospitals. It is therefore a facility aimed at improving the healthcare standards as quality measuring equipment which allows room for best management practices in health centers in the whole world (Ecoff & Glaser 2009).The identification of these facilities is also to retain and increase the inflow of new nurses in the profession who are ready to provide attractive services to the public. It is good for staffing of employees and avails competitive benefits to the health care organizations that ensure that the employees’ turnover rate is reduced and public assurance of the nurses’ quality of work is also increased.

The facility is capable of developing certain corporate values such as empowerment, teamwork, respect and truthfulness among the organizational staff which creates good relationships among the nurses and the patients. It is also responsible for enhancement of the employees’ work morale and boosts the share value of the organization’s market share. The status therefore is an opportunity that the ANCC gives to the hospitals that have the capacity to attain a given designation set to assess the strength and the ability of the nursing performance in hospitals. This condition guarantees the hospital employees to deliver excellent work in all manners of their work by ensuring that every client in the hospital gets the best service from nurses and any other supporting staff of the hospital. The status goes beyond only nursing but it also helps in the decision making process and in the collection of raw facts which can be used in the daily hospital needs to make the management of the organization be successful. This is mostly practiced to ensure that patients get best services from the nurses at the right time so that the reputation of the organization can increase accordingly.

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Components of Magnet Hospitals

All the Magnet hospitals are required to attain a certain designated standard categorized into five groups called model components. Among the model components there are several important segments which must exist for the hospital to run successfully and they are called forces which are to be available in the practice of magnetism(Caspers & Vlasses, 2009). The aim of the designated standards is to develop hospital facilities which are very easy to use, independent health care and well-trained personnel which can meet high standards of health care required by the Magnet hospitals. The hospital is also to develop good working environment for all the nurses with improved communication links to ease the frequent coordination of work among all the stuff members. This makes the decision making to be very easy since major information which affects the hospital can be reached easily. The facility makes the nurses do joint nursing research to better the quality of their services which is intended to meet the quality health care demanded in the Magnet hospitals.

The Main Magnetic Components and their Forces

Transformational Leadership

The current leadership status of the Magnet hospitals is the one which has undergone a much transformed way of leadership based on the values but not only on two principles of stabilization and development. It involves a kind of leadership which is based on the values and beliefs where people are led towards their personal interest with intention to attain future demands of the hospital. This transformed leadership is very easy since it takes people in the direction they want to follow. Success of this leadership is dependent on the staff members who are transformed to be visionary, versed in the clinical knowledge, influential and are nursing experts in their professional career (Luxner & Redding 2008). This change makes it to develop the unique approaches of handling technical problems within the organization for quick and prompt solutions.  Future vision is developed by executives who also create conducive platforms for easy achievement of those set targets by the parties concerned. The top management has a role of sensitizing other staff members on the necessity of implementation of the change within the organization with its future benefits. Then they pass the information to all the organizational departments to equally participate in the implementation of the change. In addition, they have the responsibility to listen to the information from other stakeholders, be available to challenge them on matters which might affect the implementation process and be ready to influence all the staff to support the change (American Nurses Credentialing Center, 2008).This gives the professionalism to get favorable environment to flourish effectively for better quality nursing work and patient care in the hospital.

Currently the transformed leadership takes part in all the Magnet hospitals sooner as it is adapted by other leaders to achieve their future development plans (Luxner & Redding, 2008). This leadership is not only intended for problem resolution purposes, rectifying the systems and urging the staff members but it has very important role of changing the organization to have the capacity to attain its future goals at the right time. Magnet therefore embraces a well-controlled leadership that is capable of yielding useful ideas which can make the organization meet its future objectives.

Structural Empowerment

The present status of Magnet hospitals is that it has very good structures and well implementation procedures capable of availing innovative conditions which favor nursing services to flourish (Duran & Fink, 2008). These solid structures also allow organization values and missions to prevail to the point that important future results are achieved (Luxner & Redding 2008). The practices which reinforce the relationships which exist among organizations in the community are also developed to enhance the quality of nursing practices within the community at large. It is achieved by proper implementation of strategic plans, well-organized structures, value-based policies and procedural programs which are easy to implement. All the staff accepts to be controlled and natured in a manner that can easily allow the accomplishment of the organizational goals. The attainment is reached after passing through very many structures and series of programs which are very crucial in the achievement of objectives of the organization (Institute for Healthcare Improvement, 2010).

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Professional Practices

The Magnet hospitals are recognized because of extraordinary professionalism which is present in their nursing sector. This is achieved when the nurses have versed knowledge and expertise in their roles when handling their clients (Luxner & Redding, 2008). They also have the ability to apply their responsibility with due diligence that calls for professionalism together with their families and other members of the community. It also involves other stakeholders like interdisciplinary groups who are ready to work with the organization. This component is very important because it emphasizes on what the nursing profession is capable of achieving in the community.

Autonomous Services

This is the opportunity which is given to nurses in Magnet organizations to be able to come up with clinical decisions which is very independent (Ravert & Merrill 2008).Their decision should be able to meet the interest of the patient. The organization policies allow the nurses to make personal decisions since they have good trust on the employees. Sanctions have been already put in place to deal with independent practices of the nurses in case of clinical malpractices and therefore their independence makes them accountable for their own services.

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Collaborative Relationships

The hospital physicians are forced to depend on the results of the nurses so that proper prescription can be made in the clinics (Duran & Fink 2008).This made physicians and nurses develop good relations in the case where the physician can only get good assessment results from nurses. This therefore allows the collegial work in hospitals between nurses and physicians for the sole benefit of sick but not to reduce the workload stress. This kind of relationship is found to be the most important relationship which enhances services rendered to patients and this increases public confidence of the hospital.

Support for education

In the Magnetic hospitals the education help is very important during selection process and employee retention in the office. This is aimed at maintaining the quality nursing services and employees’ personal interest in the job (Duran & Fink, 2008).Therefore, all the hospital workers regard the support very important because it meets all the stakeholders’ demands. The Magnet organizations ensure that there is ongoing education which comprises of long and short course programs to improve services of the nurses in the manner they handle patients. The organization supports this education by providing necessary financial support to nurses who want to further their education. It is therefore a serious element in the Magnet organization since it is used as a tool for maintaining nurses for better quality services.

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Workplace Advocacy

In the Magnet organizations there is also a workplace advocacy which is developed by the ANA alongside with its partners. This is done by the kind of relationship that exists in ANA that encourages good working conditions and enhances the quality of services of the nurses and other key decision makers in all the sectors of the organization (Duran & Fink 2008). ANA is used to defend rights of the nurses by acting as an educational facility which informs nurses on their legal rights on matters that threaten their lives in the hospital.

The workplace advocacy helps in the elimination of the act of touching patients manually with intention of reducing the rate of contracting musculoskeletal diseases. This allows the nurses to have safe working conditions that prevent them from getting certain disorders which can be avoided by mere avoidance of handling the patients manually by the nurses (McGuire & Mals 2008). The policies and practical steps which force the removal of patient’s handling was supported by nurses because it increases them to high risk of getting certain disorders which can be reduced by those policies (Ravert & Merrill 2008).The Magnet hospitals developed devices which replaced manual handling the patients which are to create safe working areas for nurses and patients. The effect reduced the burden and provided the nurses with more comfortable device to handle patients and therefore there is a risk-free device in Magnet hospitals as compared with others.

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There is also another civil right which is developed by ANA to curb any kind of sexual discrimination which might exist in the organization. In these organizations any form of discrimination is not allowed, be it racial, sexual, religious discrimination or disability (McGuire & Mals 2008).The harassment policies are developed to ensure that nurses work in an environment free from sexual harassment and discrimination and therefore these kinds of discrimination have very negative impact on the general health of people working in the health centers.


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