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Free Essay Sample «The Effects of Daycares on Health»

«The Effects of Daycares on Health»

In a situation where both parents work and their families do not live close to take care of their children, a daycare seems to be the only option they have. Apparently, parents understand that leaving their child at the daycare may affect them in a certain way, both positive and negative. In the following essay, the effects of daycares on children’s health will be evaluated by means of showing pros and cons of sending a child to daycare.

On the one hand, children appear in a strange and aggressive environment with an accumulation of many children where infection may be transmitted faster. In case one kid gets sick it affects the rest of the group, and thus children are inclined to getting sick more often, and sometimes they even bring the infections home. Besides, their immune system is not yet sufficiently developed. As a result, the baby can be infected by a disease from other children very easily.

In addition, while under the care of strangers instead of loving parents for a long period of time leads to higher level of stress hormone in children, which leads to a low resistance to infection. This single fact can worsen the situation - from simple coughs and colds to heart diseases in school. During crucial years of life children who are deprived of their mother's attention just can not stop worrying and not react to stress and getting sick.

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On the other hand, such daycares make children stronger to different viruses and it is a positive aspect. Thus, children attending daycare advantage over the domestic children, and it has to do with a high probability of mutual contamination in children's groups. Diseases like measles, chickenpox and rubella are transferred in early childhood and are easier to recover from than at a later age. Having suffered the disease, the child receives immunity from the infection.

In the end, despite the fact that daycare is no way a substitute for a family loving atmosphere, quality daycare programs give parents the opportunity to make money and provide financially stable future of their children.


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