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Free Essay Sample «Autism Spectrum Disorders»

«Autism Spectrum Disorders»

Autism can be referred to as a comparatively one of the most common developmental disability with neurobiological origins and is distinguish by persistent insufficiency in collective interface, communication and variety of welfare. Parents with children suffering from autism spectrum disorder (ASDs) are faced with several challenges. They can decide to use complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in treating their kids instead of conventional treatment. Complementary and alternative medicine treatment is generally contentious and understudied and their efficiency has not yet been established. In the current study (n=248) scrutinized reports made through the internet from parent with children suffering from ASDs being asked concerning the use of CAM usage, outcomes, costs, efficiency, and reasons for stopping the use of CAMs. The response was that over 70 per cent had tried using CAM in treating their children and half were still using CAM in treating their kids.

It has been noted that most parents entered the field with the aim of treating their children with high expectations. But all in all the assessment concluded the CAM did not help their children anyway. Most parents confirmed that there was slight improvement in the use of CAM and therefore there was need for a sound research on the way forward. The parents also needed to be educated concerning the efficacy in using CAMs so that they could be capable of making educated judgment in relation to CAM routine and intervention.

  1. According to National Research Council, (2005), the main purpose of conducting functional analysis is to be able to obtain a detailed description of the individual’s self-injurious thereby determining possible relationship the behavior and the physical and social environment. The information collected must include the following: participants present, actions before and after the behavior, the time it happened, and finally, hope that the above information may help in revealing the cause of the behavior. Another aim of functional analysis is determine the environmental variables maintaining the problem behavior.

Persons who self-injure have always reported their actions in order to aid in relieving psychological pain and stop chronic traumatic memories. Some efforts are forth to help the self-injured in expressing their emotions and enable them to correspond or externalize anger, despair well as nervousness. Prior to looking into ethical issues related to counseling self-injurious student, it vital to that the school counselor begins with the knowledge concerning the behavior of the self-injurious person and be capable to recognize these behaviors. Moreover, counselors at school must ne in a position to define what self-injurious is and the risks related to it.

  1. Communication that is effective is what connects everyone to the outside world. It is a complex field that encompasses understanding, expression, among other aspects of communication. Developing an efficient communication system is critical component that helps students in social participation and clear understanding of the environment or surrounding. Comprehension of other people’s communication is essential tool that helps students to take part in various activities and interact with others appropriately. Efficient expression of needs by providing relevant information as well as sharing of experiences is another importance of social communication.
  2. There are various ranges of intervention strategies designed for students with ASD and applied in an educational system. But, among them all, there is no one strategy that has been proven effective for kids with ASD according to National Research Council, 2005). Careful review of the family vision of the child is needed to determine the ability of the child to communicate, how they prefer to communicate, cognitive ability of the child, adaptive behavior and learning style of the kid.
  3. Some of the strategies include: use of consistent classroom routine as this ca be used in engaging student and thus lowering the anxiety of the student, giving visual instructions is meant for increasing the ability of students both academically and socially. The ineffectiveness of some strategies has been prevalent but it all depends with the concentration of the child but in case some of these strategies prove to be difficult to implement then social approach can be more applicable. The danger involved depends on the vision of the family of the student or rather the child.


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