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Free Essay Sample «Organizational Behaviour: ABC Ltd.»

«Organizational Behaviour: ABC Ltd.»

Performance of any company has a specific nature, according to the diversity of factors influencing the activity of employees. Top management has a responsibility of providing the organization not only with necessary resources, but also with appropriate management techniques. Such ones will help to maintain a balance between success aspiration and current performance. It means that there is a huge responsibility on top management lying in the support of all functional departments. Human resources shape an important part of the company, which make it impossible to operate without appropriate labour. Employees need to have enough attention in order to make the organization’s performance effective and beneficial. Today, it is hard to perform without a stable motivation of personnel. Motivation should be a booster of the company’s activity, which can improve all departments at the same time and push them to the success. In general, motivation of personnel is a powerful managerial instrument. It can support the organization’s intention to have a continuous growth and development. An appropriate interaction with employees can help the company to adjust to the changeable environment with the help of workers’ flexibility. The diversity of motivational tools and methods should be one of the targets in the firm’s organizational behaviour. It will set the tone of further performance. The current paper reflects the essence of motivation and the role of human resources in the company’s performance on the example of ABC Ltd. It reflects the main gaps in the motivation system along with the meaning of personnel in the organization’s performance.

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Motivational Gaps and Solutions to the Problem

ABC Ltd is the company, which experiences many problems due to the lack of effective motivational tools regulating its performance. In fact, the organization meets issues at many fronts, which make employees quit it in search of better working conditions. The first indicator of this phenomenon is that two-three employees are always away on a sick vacation or any other reason. It means that workers are not willing to perform with high intensity for the sake of personal and overall success. One of the most serious gaps in the motivational system is that employees never know what to expect. The company’s mode of performance is not predictable and constant enough to make workers expect further steps in the organization’s activity. It seems that the firm does not have a stable plan, which can ensure employees in a strategic approach to the management. Moreover, employees receive calls from customers at night. It makes their life beyond working hours full of stress. In addition to this problem, employees have no guarantee that they will not be called away at any part of the day. It means that there is no regime, which can ensure workers in finishing their working hours. Moreover, the company never coordinates its plans with the ones of its employees. It means that it acts disrespectfully towards personal plans and desires of workers making them think of looking for better working conditions at another company (Gurtler & Krakel, 2012). In addition, employees do not get enough appraisals for working extra hours. The company does not motivate its personnel to handle inflexibility of its performance. It leads to a threatening manner of the employees’ performance, which indicates that they would like to leave the company. Only in a threat of leaving, ABC Ltd starts paying attention to its personnel. In addition to the named above problems, the organization does not make the working process interesting. Employees find their job dull. However, there are obvious ways to improve the activity and make it diversified with new systems and trainings. It could help employees to remain interested and help the company to develop (Al-Tarawneh, 2011). Finally, the personnel are not satisfied with working conditions making it hard-working in hot season of the year. It is a non-sense for the air-conditioning company to neglect the working environment’s improvement during summer.

There are different ways to improve the firm’s performance in the aspect of motivational system. First, it is necessary to establish regular meetings in the working process in order to make employees aware of the processes running within the company’s performance. Meetings will also help to discuss problems and include all employees in the decision-making process related to the search of the solution to the issue. In addition, meetings should include strategic plans and aspirations of both department and the whole company. The next step towards improvement of the company’s performance is an inclusion of its dashboard helping to fix each success and achievement both on individual’s and company’s levels. The proposed initiatives will boost the process of employees’ inclusion in every aspect of the organization’s performance. In order to make the motivational system effective, it is also necessary to create a plan of vacations. It will help to make every employee aware of the ordered way of having holiday time and making plans for this period. It will not have interruptions from the side of clients and the company. In addition to this initiative, it is necessary to create a flexible schedule of the working hours, which will help to meet the needs of both ABC Ltd. and its employees. For example, employees should be confident that they will not receive night calls and have appropriate rest without fear to be called away. The company should take care of providing its personnel with rest as long as it helps to restore energy necessary for the further performance within the firm. Finally, in order to make employees work in a team, it is necessary to include collective events in the organization’s activity. For example, it is possible to involve various corporative holidays, which will bring personnel together. They will help to communicate it in an informal way. Teambuilding should become the main source of motivation, which will ensure every employee in the support and understanding from the side of other personnel. All these measures will help to build a strong team of professionals willing to grow and develop within the company without an intention to search for better conditions within the borders of another competitor (Odom, 2013). Competition should be a powerful motivational aspect aimed to boost the organization’s performance in the aspect of motivational system.

Personnel formulate a significant part of the firm’s performance. Human resources make an asset, which should have enough attention aimed to enhance the performance of the company, improve it, and lead to the long-term success. ABC Ltd. has reflected that the problem of human resources management could obtain a serious level if the company does not take an action aimed to regulate the processes of employees’ inclusion in the establishment of appropriate performance standards (Solanki, 2013). For example, the organization does not have a personnel department, which should regulate recruiting initiatives, solve problems of every employee, take decisions regarding employees’ vacations, and hire or fire subordinates. Absence of this department does not indicate that the company is willing to save financial resources for another important area. It means that it is not aware enough of the department’s importance to the overall success, which can essentially boost regulation of HR-related processes (Manzoor, 2012). In addition, the organization creates conditions appropriate for discrimination within a workplace. For example, the service maintenance department includes only one female, while other employees are male. It pushes the department’s team to the discrimination in different ways. Sexual discrimination can become a serious issue, which will be impossible to solve as soon as it takes place. It is necessary to put an equal proportion of personnel at the department in order to create a balance in communication and performance principles. Moreover, the lack of principles and standards leads to the gap in discipline, which could help to bring employees together (Noon, 2012). This problem could easily find its solution with the help of personnel department. As a result, employees leave the company as long as they are dissatisfied with working conditions offered by the organization. In addition, there is an indicator of inappropriate human resources management from the side of customers claiming of the following matter. They have to wait for too long in order to have their air-conditioning systems fixed. This problem took place due to the lack of employees on the working place. It is unacceptable to lose clients and create a negative reputation with the help of workers. Customer service should have enough attention in order to bring the organization’s performance to the new level through the lens of meeting requirements of every customer.

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Personnel are an asset, which require special attention in order to bring the company’s performance to the high level of efficiency. Its problems indicate that there is a lack of experience in management of human resources. For example, the company does not send help to other employees performing their tasks when they need some assistance. It essentially devastates the reputation of ABC Ltd. both within employees and customers at the same time. Workers should feel the support from the company in order to satisfy needs of the most demanding customer. Clients, in their turn, should be confident and have a guarantee of receiving high-quality services from the air-conditioning company in time. In another situation, there will be no need to turn to the services of the organization, which act carelessly towards customer service. In addition to the regulation of human resources, it is important to mention that there is a need to collect a regular feedback from employees on the diversity of problems. Personnel should feel free to share information on the gaps in the performance in order to improve the company and contribute to its further inclusion in the list of successful companies. Moreover, ABC Ltd. should consider human resources as the most important asset of the company, which can help to bring it to another level of activity. In addition, it will be effective to relate human resources to the motivational system and integrate it in a single mechanism, which can create a flexible activity and systematic success achievement initiatives. Human resources also require paying attention to the quality regarding vacations and working hours. These elements of the performance help to meet requirements and satisfy the needs of every employee.

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Finally, the selected spheres of the company, human resources and the motivational system, should contribute to the evolution of ABC Ltd. as soon as top-management take an appropriate action towards elimination of the problem. In fact, the selected areas formulate the platform of the organization’s organizational behaviour, which sets the tone of the activity for all departments. Service maintenance department is only a small part of ABC Ltd., which has reflected the diversity of problems in its penetration. As long as the company is big enough to include 500 employees and it does not have a personnel department, there should be other problems in other sections preventing the firm from success achievement and rapid development. Top management should not neglect human resources and its motivation in order to obtain success within the selected direction of the development (Reicher, 2013). In addition, the consideration of all aspects of human resources’ evolution should be a mandatory element of the firm’s activity on a daily basis.

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The paper has reflected some gaps in the company’s motivational system and its losses due to the careless attention to the employees’ activity on the example of ABC Ltd. It is obvious that it is unacceptable to neglect the organization’s motivational tools and methods. Employees deserve to have appropriate working conditions, which will help to achieve better results compared to the previous fiscal period. ABC Ltd. had the diversity of problems because of the ineffective motivational system. In the future, the firm should pay much attention to the feedback of personnel and its satisfaction from the performance within its territory. If the company does not consider the employees’ feedback, it can face a high turnover rate and negative reputation within the labour market. It will devastate the potential of ABC Ltd and make applicants avoid the organization in the process of job search (Sanford, 2005). Finally, it is important to mention that ABC Ltd. will benefit from an active interaction with human resources as a significant asset. It needs a serious consideration before taking any decision on how to manage it. Losses from the firm’s performance can be unbearable. It is the reason to take into account every aspect of human relations inside the organization. ABC Ltd. has showed the importance of employees in the establishment of the specific organizational behaviour being incidental to the selected company. In fact, it is necessary to apply the diversity of motivational and organizational tools in order to make the performance of it effective and beneficial in terms of tough competition and other phenomena circulating in the external business environment.


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