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Free Essay Sample «Multicultural Lesson Plan Analysis»

«Multicultural Lesson Plan Analysis»

Multicultural lesson plan is an essential tool in multicultural education. This lesson plan ensures that multicultural education is included as a part of the learning instruction. This essay will explore two multicultural lesson plans of two types SIOP and EEI.

SIOP lesson plan

The SIOP model lesson plan was developed by Center for Research on Education, Diversity and Excellence (CREDE). The purpose of the organization is to develop an explicit method of sheltered instruction. In order to examine application of SIOP, I will examine a sample SIOP lesson plan “Lesson Plan for Building Background: The English settle in America” (Liten-Tejada, 2002).

The objectives of the lesson are aligned with the academic standards. The lesson objectives comprise knowledge on why different groups of people immigrated in the country. The students should also be able to meet the reasons for migration to the reason of the early settlers. Furthermore the students should be able to locate the colonies on the maps. The objectives above mentioned support the academic learning objectives for multiculturalism.

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The assessment is in line with the learning objective. The assessment seeks to determine that at the end of the lesson the learners will be able to identify immigrant and settlers in the country and their reason for the migration. The student must be able to provide maps of settlements or identify the location of the settlements on the map of the country.

The learning experience of the learners is also relevant to the objective of the lesson. The learning is supposed to expose the learner to the diversity of the immigrants, their values and why they migrated. The instruction is differentiated in various ways to accommodate the learning abilities of various learners. The differentiation involves various activities such as discussion, group work, use of maps and picture. The diversity of learning material and activities will take care of the learners needs.

The lesson plan also provides varied and multiple ways of for checking whether the students are taking in what they are learning. These include discussion questions and homework questions, which are to be taken by students.

EEI lesson Plan

The Cinderella variant project lesson plan is an example of an EEI lesson plan. In the lesson plan, the objectives are aligned with the academic standards. It aims at enhancing learner comparison skills to make them compare the English, French and other versions of the Cinderella story. It also aims to enhance the learners’ dialogue skills and use of diagrams, such as venn diagrams in marking differences and similarities (Lesson Plan: Cinderella Variant Project, n.d.)..

The assessment is aligned to the learning objectives explicitly trying to determine what the learners have acquired from the lesson. The assessment involves test, discussions and take home assignment. The learning experience is also relevant to the course objectives. It aims at helping the learners to experience diversity through the teaching instruction.

In the learning instruction for this lesson, there is some differentiation. The differentiation makes it suitable for diverse audiences. The learning modalities also vary to ensure that the diverse body of learners is served properly. Also the lesson provides multiple ways in which the understanding can be checked severally during the learning process. This includes homework assignments and exams.


Multicultural Education



  • Enables link of content to student background
  • Incorporates various strategies
  • Ensures training and practice
  • Group orientation is in nature targeting the whole class
  • Also targets small groups and independent learners
  • It integrates both reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • It is hands on, with linked objectives and promotes engagement
  • Assessment can be conducted on groups or individual learners.
  • It provides the learners and teachers with a collaborative learning environment
  • Provide a modernity under which the learner behavior can be monitored and shaped
  • Ability to shape learner attitudes helps to develop cultural accommodative traits
  • Can target learners in groups or individually.


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