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Free Essay Sample «Road Congestion»

«Road Congestion»

This paper presents a discussion on the methods of Government intervention to solve the problems of road congestion. Ways that firms can use to avoid such risks are also provided. Traffic congestion is caused when the volume of vehicles on the roads exceeds the capacity of the roads to offer continuous flow of the vehicles. This has been caused by many factors amongst them inadequate planning (Garvin, 2002). Appropriate planning would offer a reliable solution. Land uses should be allocated to effectively deal with all urban land use needs including transportation use.

The Government has used the following methods to deal with the traffic congestion menace. It has built more roadways and expanded the existing lanes. This has increased the area upon which vehicles can move along. This creates more space for driving and hence serves to reduce traffic congestion since the vehicles can move quickly. The harmful effects of congestion would thereby be reduced. Pollution would greatly decrease and time wasted minimized. This method is viable although the costs associated with it tend to be high.

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Charging of fees for use of the road is also another viable method. The fee charged during peak hours like in the morning and evening is usually higher. During periods when there is no much traffic, a small fee is also charged. This serves to discourage the use of the roads during rush hours and hence reducing traffic congestion and thereby pollution. The money collected can also be used to improve the roads and even build new ones with the aim of improving access. This is another viable solution to the traffic congestion challenge.

Firms should be prepared for such risks and plan on how to beat them. Risks caused by traffic congestion can be minimized by having adequate plans that have an allowance for delays on the roads. Where deliveries are to be made, timing should be proper so that they are not delayed in case of traffic on the roads. The suppliers should be advised to avoid certain roads prone to congestion or commence their trips early enough so that no hiccups arise due to congestion. Effects of environmental pollution from the vehicles on the roads can be countered by engaging in activities that promote environmental conservation. This includes planting of trees and sensitizing the public on ways of conserving the environment. By so doing, the firms could be protected against such externalities.


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