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How to Write an Exploratory Essay

How to Write an Exploratory Essay

An exploratory essay is a type of writing in which a problem is studied from different perspectives. There is a generally accepted structure of exploratory papers. The introduction is opened with the wording of the relevance of the chosen topic. As a rule, this section does not cause any special difficulties. However, it reflects painstaking and lengthy searches.

Any research is carried out in order to overcome certain complications in the process of learning a new phenomenon, an object to explain previously unknown facts. This goal is not possible to achieve with a lack of knowledge about the subject of study. This is an example of contradiction when a lack of knowledge about the research subject makes it impossible to achieve the goal.

Problematic Issue

It is often observed that a clearly relevant problem in practice has the opposite of the desired manifestation. Justifying the contradiction is not an easy task. Nevertheless, it is impossible to identify and formulate the problem question without it. The problem is the unknown part of the controversy. Problems are generated by the variability of the world and the cognitive activity of people.

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What is behind the concept of a problem? This is a complex practical or theoretical issue that requires exploring and resolution. This is a kind of controversial situation that has arisen as a result of the work, which has determined the topic and required its resolution as a result of the research activity. The statement of the problem is important not only for the actual exploratory essay but the researcher too. The presence of a problem is the engine of the thinking process, which arises when there is a difficulty, a gap of thought, tension, confusion, and doubt.

The Purpose of the Exploring

Revealing contradictions and problems is a strategic operation. The strategic operations include the identification of contradictions, problems, and purpose. It becomes clear that it is necessary to determine the purpose of the research to complete the formation of a research strategy. To develop a goal, it is necessary to formulate the desired result and develop it in detail.

The purpose of the exploring is:

  • a mental prediction of its result;
  • author's intention of the study;
  • the result that should be obtained as an outcome of the study.


The object of exploring is a phenomenon that the cognitive activity is directed to a process or a question that gives rise to a problem situation and is chosen for study. This is the scientific space in which research is being conducted. The object of exploring really exists as scientific knowledge. It is formed by other researchers and scientific works. It is very important that the predecessors accumulated enough knowledge on the topic of the chosen research. Science should be ready to help describe and comprehend new interesting facts. The researcher should not produce any transformative actions over the object. It is only a source of information. An object is a process or phenomenon that gives rise to a problem situation.

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