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Research Paper Format

What Are the Differences between the Types of Papers You Are Assigned?

Does it happen that your teachers’ assignments seem enigmatic to you? Do you feel like you need an explanatory dictionary to interpret the names of what they call research paper formats? Have you missed the additional course on how to differ “analyses” from “critiques”, or how to write a bibliography? How do you do a research paper? Your teachers may suppose that you have innate knowledge on that topic; but if you don’t have it, there is nothing to worry about. All the necessary information can be found below.

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The reason the research paper formatshave different names is that each format entails the requirement to focus on something special. Since the position of all the college and university teachers doesn’t allow them to formulate their requirements in a clear and simple language, they will want you to learn to get the meaning of their veiled phrases. A scope of words made up to replace such word as a “paper” is impressive. However, all the names bear a connotation that makes them slightly different from the other ones.

At first, we will need to define the word essay itself. It is a short paper written on a specific topic. So, actually, when you are told to write an essay, it implies that you should express your opinion using a specified number of sources. However, you should bear in mind that the number of sources will depend on a teacher; sometimes it will not be indicated at all. In this case, you had better use one source per paragraph; most professors will consider it to be appropriate. The quantity of the sources is closely connected with the required length of the paper (which, however, should not overcome the reasonable limits in order not to transform into theses or dissertations).

After we have dealt with what the word “essay” means, it is time to explain some paper formats, i.e. a research paper format. The word “research” in the name implies that when writing this paper one should conduct research at first. Then, one has to write a research essay based on what he/she has achieved. The difference between an essay and a research essay is hard to understand for a novice, but we are here to make everything clear. The focus of a research paper outline (in contrast to the essay) does not lie in analyzing the topic and supporting that analysis with research. It lies in drawing possible conclusions. When writing literary research paper or other type of research paper you are positioning yourself as a researcher.

You can find more common characteristics of other types of essays such as critique and analysis papers. Both types mentioned require you to express your opinion based on a specific source. Do not hesitate to check whether the teacher has given you the source: he/she should have. Even if he/she just has left some hints, the source is there. If you are writing a critique essay, you should criticize; if you are writing an analysis paper; you should analyze. However, all the criticizing statements have to be supported by some evidence as well as the analytical ones have to reflect all the components of the matter analyzed.

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So, this is a short guide on what your professors want to read in the assignments they give. It turns out that they are not that hard to understand. If you need some additional information, do not hesitate to search for it. This will allow you to avoid using essay writing services which claim that you can buy cheap essays from them online. Bear in mind that it is impossible to purchase a custom essay of a truly high quality at an unreasonably low price.

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