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Free Essay Sample «Licensed Practical Nurse»

«Licensed Practical Nurse»

I am currently a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in school. Fortunately, I will be graduating in December with an Associate Degree in Registered Nursing. My perception is that an RN’s is a little bit different from my current role as an LPN. In as much as both roles study from the same body of knowledge, an RN definitely studies for a longer period of time. This enables the RN to access a greater profundity as well as extensiveness of knowledge. On the other hand, LPNs study for a shorter period of time. This however limits the body of foundational comprehension that they can access.

How the Role of an RN is different from that of an LPN

As an LPN, my role is quite different from that of an RN. One of my key roles is to choose and execute apposite nursing interventions in accordance with the plan of care. On the other hand, the RN’s role is to coordinate as well as supervise the overall care as well as make available the medical proficiency, including headship, for the plan of care (LPNAPEI). As an LPN, I am also in charge of coordinating the care of less acute and less intricate or less capricious patients who portray some expected outcomes (Harrington & Terry, 2009).

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This is quite different from the role of an RN, whose duty is to coordinate the care of clients irrespective of the changeability, intricacy, predictability, or acuteness of the situation (LPNAPEI). An RN also has to plan for the care of highly complex clients, while my duty as an LPN is to offer elements of care for highly complex clients, only in close consultation with the RN who is directly involved in coordinating the client’s care (LPNAPEI).

Additionally, as an LPN, my role is to carry out planned nursing interventions as well as correctly respond to shifting circumstances or urgent situations. On the other hand, the role of the RN is to manage several nursing interventions at the same time in rapidly varying circumstances (LPNAPEI). The role of the RN is also to meet urgent as well as probable long term needs, which are drawn from all-inclusive evaluation and diverse range of options. However, in my capacity as an LPN, my role is to meet existing well-known client care needs that are drawn from the identified range of options that are integrated in the care plan (LPNAPEI).

As an LPN, I also teach as well as deliver essentials of well-known health programs, while the RN designs, coordinates, and implements health programs, which is inclusive of teaching (LPNAPEI). During evaluation, while the RN supervises and construes the alterations in the client status as well as acts in response to intrusions and amends the plan of care as need be, the LPN on the other hand monitors and identifies the changes in client status. The LPN also responds to the varying circumstances or urgent situations appropriately (Harrington & Terry, 2009).

My Perception of this Change in my Role

This kind of changes in my role as an LPN to an RN is transformational. I perceive that this new role will make me a more knowledgeable nurse in critical care and patient teaching. Additionally, as an RN, I will be in a vital position of taking critical decisions in assigning as well as reassigning clients and/or client care roles fittingly. Additionally, this new role will enable me to be familiar with the client populace, as well as the setting of the nursing practice in order to establish key decisions regarding assignments (Duncan & DePew, 2011).

As an RN, I am also aware of the fact that there are times when I will be expected to make overall determination of the client condition. I also comprehend of the fact that I will have to use collaborative approaches in assigning clients and/or roles as well as shed light on the tasks in relation to whatsoever kind of assignment. This is with regard to the LPNs who will be working with me. I will also be in a position to decide the category of nurses who have met the requisite competencies that are necessary in meeting client care needs.

This will be possible by putting into consideration the client, the assignment, as well as the practice milieu. Additionally, my perception is that this transition from an LPN to an RN will be of great importance since I will have to make use of mutual approaches in assigning clients and/or functions as well as making clarity on the tasks related to the task. I also perceive that I will be required to offer shore up to the nurses who are providing care (Duncan & DePew, 2011).

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I also perceive that this new role will require me to be in charge of making out agency guidelines as well as supporting meticulous assignments. This will involve following the agency process for assessment of mission decisions, as well as giving the necessary responses to the employers who are associated with the process.

What I have gained from my Transition

By and large, I have gained a lot of knowledge from my transition as an LPN. First and foremost, I have learnt the aspect of accomplishing as well as upholding adeptness in the nursing practice (CLPNNS).  From my transition, I have also learnt to mentor colleagues in areas of expertise as well as seeking mentorship, since this is very instrumental in attaining complete specialized development (CLPNNS). In addition to this, my transition assisted me to become a change agent. As a change agent, am now in a position of thinking contemplatively, evaluating options, making inquisitions concerning suppositions as well as being in support of change (CLPNNS).

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From my transition as an LPN, I am now in a position of recognizing my own professional development requirements as well as competencies, while at the same time being in the quest of apposite erudition opportunities and appraising myself, even as I learn. I have also learnt to propagate the existing excellent practices as well as research findings. These are very helpful in augmenting the results of treatment (CLPNNS). Another key achievement during my transition from an LNP is the aspect of upholding the consciousness of my values as well as moral concerns and how they are likely to impact my career as a nurse.

This has been of key importance especially in developing therapeutic professional relationships not only with individual clients, but also with their families and communities as well. This has been possible by demonstrating apposite use of communication skills, reverence, and compassion as well as appreciating the distinctive ideals of each and every personality (CLPNNS). Generally, I have gained so much from this transition theoretically and practically. I believe this transition will enable me to further my studies to a bachelor’s degree so that I can have diverse positions (CLPNNS).

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Where I see this Transition taking me in my Future Career/goals

Generally, I have gained so much from this transition theoretically and practically. I believe this transition will enable to further my studies to a bachelor’s degree so that I can have diverse positions (LCCC). With a bachelor’s degree in nursing, I will be in a position of taking on a variety of roles not only in hospitals, but also nursing homes as well as community health settings. Upon graduation, my goal is being awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.


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