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Free Essay Sample «Must Have Signs for Opening Your Business»

«Must Have Signs for Opening Your Business»

When the idea to start a business appears, one can spend years developing a business plan, launching an investment fund, and looking for the right space. Moreover, a person could keep arranging the pieces of a new storefront for many years. Although it may seem incredibly perfect, but the first impression is the key to every business’ success. However, it cannot be found with the impeccably outfitted staff or a beautiful window display of a new establishment. Instead, it is based on the signage that offers the guest the first glimpse of what the business consists of (Segel & Hudson, 2014). It, therefore, proves important to adopt the appropriate sign to be visible for the target audience. This essay discusses three forms of business signage, namely exterior signage, directional signage, and informational signage, which are essential when opening a new establishment.

Exterior Signage

Exterior signage is arguably the most important kind of physical signs that a business may choose to acquire. Obviously, it is what actually attracts the customers to the business doors. It is the most visible sign that not only announces the existence of the business but also indicates its name and specialty. Exterior signage may take the form of entrance signs, door signs, window or awning signs, which are all often placed at the front of the store. However, if the business is located inside a large office building, an entrepreneur may use other tactics, such as putting signs near the elevator or on the exterior door of the office. This will guarantee that the visitors have, indeed, entered the right building.

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In certain circumstances, different types of outdoor signage may be convenient. For instance, if the business is situated near a highway, putting the name of the business on a billboard can be an effective way to announce its presence in the neighbourhood. The banners that announce a sale or perhaps the grand opening of the business can also attract more visitors. Consequently, they can serve as an advertisement to the business’ peculiarities. The advertisement may also be mobile when the business name and logo are placed on the business cars or trucks. It is possible to involve other individuals for placing the message on their own vehicles.

Directional Signage

To facilitate the customers’ easy access and timely arrival on the business premises, it is vital to have a directional signage. This signage includes the indoor as well as the outdoor directional signs.

Outdoor Directional Signage

If the business is situated on a street that is difficult to find or on a hidden corner of a crowded shopping mall, it is essential to place visible signs near the establishment. Such signs may guide potential customers right to the doorstep. They could be in the form of arrow placed strategically on different corners of the street or mall. They could also include footsteps printed on the floor that show the business’ name and logo. These noticeable footsteps could be located specifically in the crowded malls. This reassures the customers that they are in the right direction, thereby avoiding their frustration that may influence them to quit the hunt. In addition, this directional signage facilitates the growth of the business brand by placing the name and logo of the business in front of the foot traffic.

Indoor Directional Signage

Once customers are inside of the store, it is vital to guide them to the product they may need. This can be achieved by clearly labeling the different sections on the business premises in a manner that make them easily visible to the customers when they just enter the store. The convenience that is provided with this signage makes the customers feel more empowered. Thus, it helps them to approach the right products and make a purchase. In addition, it is also important to let the customers know where the cashier is. This ensures that they are less likely to become frustrated being unable to find where to pay.

Informational Signage

Informational signage is an important means through which the business is able to communicate to the customers. For instance, no customer wants to approach a business premise only to be greeted with closed doors. Moreover, no business prefers to miss a potential sale simply because the customer has assumed that they are closed. For the business to avoid this miscommunication, it is important that they use both the closed or open notice when necessary and a sign indicating the opening hours. This helps to remove any doubts that the customer might not have a further cooperation with the business.

There are also other types of informational signage that are used to answer the questions that the customers may have without necessarily having to ask. These questions may be regarding the types of credit cards accepted by the business, rules about the products, and the return procedure according to the policies of the establishment. Other questions may include the clarification of whether dogs and other pets are allowed in the store as well as the contact information of the business. All these questions need to be addressed with the easily visible and accessible signs placed in the appropriate places.


With the reference to the above analysis, signs are imperative for businesses. This is evidenced by the significant roles that different signage play in promoting a business. The exterior signage announces the existence of the business, including its business line, and also acts as a business promotion tool as well. The directional signage serves to provide convenience to the potential customers of a business, thereby promoting sales as well as the business brand. The informational signage gives a means through which the business can communicate with the customers on the business premises. The sign is a business guideline that answers any inquiries the customers may have on various products.


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