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Free Essay Sample «Different Genres»

«Different Genres»

Taking into account a vast variety of available movie genres, it is a great challenge to decide which one to watch. Between comedy, horror, action, and romance, the choices are endless. It is especially difficult to choose a particular genre at night time because each one will have different effects on a person’s ability to fall asleep easily.

Comedy is the first genre under consideration, and its impact on a person’s sound sleep may be rather negative. Of course, it is a great choice if a person needs laughter after a long day. Among the advantages of this genre is the ability to brighten mood and its suitability for all ages. Families can watch a comedy and enjoy spending time together. Comedy movies are created to provide an amusement and exaggerate day-to-day life. Sometimes humor can appear as simple as an odd facial expression, wacky characters, and even physical contact. On the one hand, people watch these movies for entertainment, but too much excitement may not be good before sleep. On the other hand, in most cases comedies are simple, not complex, and they will not make the brain overwork before the bedtime. The predictability of the comedies’ end does not prevent people from watching them. Comedies never become obsolete, and if a person is in a sad mood, it is a great outlet to make him or her laugh. It can also be a great icebreaker if partners are not talking to each other. For example, my husband and I can be mad at each other, and after watching a good comedy and laughing, we forget about our quarrel. A person just gets wrapped up by goofy scenes, funny noises and remarks. It drowns everything else out. One of my favorite movies is 40 Year Old Virgin. This movie is about a man who has never had sex and his friends are trying to help him, and he endures much along the way. He gets his chest waxed, a box of porn dropped off on his door step, and to top it all off, he collects these action figure dolls. I think that the combination of all those things makes that movie rather hilarious. Even though this situation could happen in real life, the chances are pretty slim.

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Before bedtime, a horror movie is also not the best choice because of adrenaline rush. However, it depends on a person’s preferences. Many people enjoy a good old-fashioned snuggle time from a significant other. Some people like to look for tips on what to do in a bad situation, while others like the suspense on how it is going to end. Horror movies tap into people’s deepest thoughts and fears. In a typical horror movie, a person usually sees blood, guts, shadows, and killers. Horror movies have taught people to fear the unknown and let people know that in the most extreme situations people turn to be victims, survivors, and occasionally even heroes. Sometimes horror movies describe real-life situations, but add much exaggeration and fiction. For example, The Cabin in the Woods: friends go on vacation and stay in a house in the woods. There they are killed off one by one. Although it is unlikely to happen on vacation, this view is not for the faint-hearted.

The action genre is also not a good choice for watching before going to sleep because explosions, hardcore stunts and fight scenes make the blood pumping. Undoubtedly, this genre is popular because many people enjoy seeing a conflict between villains and heroes. In most cases, story lines are easy to follow. When people are watching action movies, they often imagine themselves as participants of the same situations doing the same things. These movies are often cheesy, loud, and explosive, but a person does not always need those things. Before bedtime, a person just needs to sit back and watch how the events are going on to escape from the reality. One of the examples of such movies is The Avengers: heroes come together and fight to take down a villain. This movie makes the viewers blood pumping, but it also makes them sit back and let the mind go. Even though this genre is great, if a person would not like to stay awake for a long time after watching it, then it is better to choose another genre.

A romantic genre would be a wonderful choice before going to bed. This genre is kind and relaxing. It can give single people a hope that despite all obstacles, love and happily-ever-afters do exist. Some people use them to help themselves gain tips to improve their own relationships. Others just need a good cry. I am fond of this genre because I am a hopeless romantic, and I love the story lines. Some women dream of finding the perfect man who is going to sweep them off their feet, and a movie showing this picture would make them sleep tight. In romantic movies, there is also often an image of a perfect marriage and family, at least in the end. It is possible to observe, where people meet their destinies and how the relationships develop. Thus, this genre is light enough not to overload the brain with information before sleep. A bright example of a romantic comedy is Knocked Up. In this movie, a not-so-attractive man has a one night stand with a beautiful woman, and she ends up getting pregnant. In the end, they fall in love. Romantic comedies give people hope, and they can also teach people how to be kind, tolerable, and positive in any situation.

Picking up the perfect movie can be rather challenging, especially before a person is getting ready for bed, but a romantic comedy would be a good choice for both women and men. Comedies are too hilarious; horror movies are full of adrenaline rush; action movies contain too many fight scenes. Thus, romantic movies seem most preferable for a sound sleep. Soft scenes and music will make a person relax, think positively, forget about all troubles both at work and at home, calm down, and prepare for going to sleep. If a person falls asleep in a good mood, then it is probable that he or she will wake up with a smile on the face.


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