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Term Paper and Research Paper

Reasons for Procrastinating Term Paper and Research Paper Writing

  1. The good books are hard to find. Have you ever faced this problem? If you are a diligent student and have always tried to come up with the top-notch term paper on any topic, you surely have. It seems like you have found the right book on Psychology, however, it is incomplete. The information that you need to use is missing out. Bummer!
  2. Detailed materials are at another library. While working on your term paper and research paper, you have come across the right article but the only magazine that contains it is in another library and what is even worse in another state. So what now?
  3. You have selected the topic wanted. However, it still does not dawn on you how to pile up all the information and create a custom term research paper. This happens quite often. You have got an amazing idea, but it is in your head only. How can you express it on a piece of paper? That is not a piece of cake for sure!  Time is fleeting and you are about to panic! What if the topic will not pan out as well? Your academic life is at stake!
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  5. You have made up your mind to wait a while, and then you came down with flue!  DO not get frustrated! It happens all the time. It is impossible to work on a custom psychology term paper especially if you have got chills, fever, and headache.
  6. Leave yourself some time to proofread the term research paper and relax! We bet your friend will be so jealous of your success if you finish the term paper essaya week ahead of time. There is no way you will miss out on a date, game or a dinner with your nearest and dearest friends the night before your deadline.

What should You Start with?

We could not call this a shortcut or a template for completing term paper and research paper in a proper manner; however, it should definitely give you a number of tips on how to deal with writing assignments and understanding them at hand.

It is a common truth that a student can only succeed in writing assignments, if he or she follows and completes all the following steps.

Research Stage

Google the information you would like to find. Check out the sources, do they pass CRAAP test? If they do, make sure you know how to analyze it. Having done that, you are ready for the next step.

Outlining  Stage

Try to come up with a detailed outline for the term paper and research paper. Trust us, although it seemed to be like a useless thing from the first look, however, you will later thank us!


Even though it is the last stage, it cannot be omitted under no circumstances. Make sure you have included research questions and thesis statement. Otherwise, your term paper essay will have no focus and thus no particular aim. The thesis statement is there for you to provide guidance and the research question is present so that you will not lose your main aim.

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Editing, Proofreading and Revising Stage

Revising comprises of:

  • Major changes of some parts of the text
  • Word choice evaluation, paragraph removal and sometimes quite annoying thoughts flow correction
  • Reorganizing or rethinking of the whole essay you need

Editing is a process that pays attention to the overall layout of the text, and includes the following:

  • Correction of some errors in typography and mechanics
  • Consistency analysis of voice and tone throughout the custom essay or a term paper
  • Logical flow evaluation of paragraphs and main ideas

Proofreading is likely to be called an error detection process since you are expected to go over the text sentence by sentence and make sure there are no run-on sentences and other grammatical, punctuation mistakes whatsoever.

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