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Do You Need to Write a Five-Paragraph Essay?

5-paragraph essay is the simplest academic assignment that is offered at the earliest stages of students’ academic career. Students of the high school level are taught how to write the custom essay. They study the rules, examine the sample written papers and practice good essay writing. The only way of successful essay writing is a constant practice. Unfortunately, not every student is ready to acquire the relevant writing skills and become an efficient writer. Here, you can find the basic steps in custom essay writing:

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Choose and Analyze the Topic

The topic is the most important aspect in your writing. The topic usually determines the type of the paper and consequently determines the structure of writing. Each type has some differences in structure. However, the main rules for essay-building are unified to every type.

Organizing the Content

The content of the paper will be organized in accordance with the essay standards. So, you need to work out the effective outline that will be a good plan for your future paper.

Writing the Draft

Usually, the most simple, 5-paragraph essay consists of introduction, three body paragraphs and the conclusion. If the topic of your essay is very complex, your paper may have more than 5 body paragraphs.

Writing an Introduction

Introduction is a preview of the paper that prepares you for the further analysis and presents the thesis statement of your paper. The thesis statement is an important feature of the essay that reflects the main ideas of the paper and gives idea about the content of the paper. It is important to write an attention grabbing and interesting introduction so that the reader can be attracted by your paper.

Writing the Body Paragraphs!

Each body paragraph of your paper should be written in support of the key idea or argument! So, every paper provides an explanation to one argument. The explanation should have relevant examples and research findings. Besides, every paragraph should start with the topic sentence.

Writing a Conclusion!

The conclusion of the paper is a summary that restates the thesis statement and highlights the main points of the essay.

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