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Free Essay Sample «Communication Technology»

«Communication Technology»

The evolution of technology has changed a lot to do with the social, economic and cultural life. It has changed the way human beings think, read and live. One of such tools that have changed the societal attitudes about technology is the discovery of a mobile phone (Plant, 2000). From the radio calls to ordinary phones, then to smart phones and now the tablets. Today an individual can access the internet just by one click of a button on the mobile phone. Nowadays, many people will approve that Information Technology (IT) has to turn out to be the pillar of trade in the technologically advanced countries. Information technology upholds business services. The paper, therefore, seeks to enumerate the impacts of phones on human beings.

Phones have made communication easy and thus changed people’s lives. Today, it only takes a second to reach a person far away in another continent by making a call. The world has become a global village. Email communications have also become rampant. Today the conduction of job interviews is by an email, and all the necessary documents can be forwarded instantly to the phone (Baarkhus & Polichar, 2011). Initially, our forefathers used traditional methods of communication having limitations in the scope of their applicability. For example, horn blowing and smoke was used for communication. There was territory limitation of these forms of communication as the information could not be passed over a long distance. Likewise, the postal service could not bridge long distances like communications within and without continents. Mobile phones have indeed made communication easier.

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Through mobile banking, mobile phones have also changed the way people think about the banking business. Today an individual does not need to line up in a bank to deposit or withdraw money from his/her account. Mobile operators like for example Safaricom has changed the economic lives of many people within Africa. It has made it easier for the sending and withdrawal of money. Businesses can now operate without a lot of struggle. In all probability, an entrepreneur can run his/her business while far away (Plant, 2000). Today, mobile operators have also come up with another initiative where a customer can borrow a loan and still repay through their phone.

In the education sector, mobile phones have changed the traditional perspectives. The world is slowly moving from traditional classes to digital levels. The mobile phones have provided an excellent platform to actualize this form of education. Through the social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, students can create classroom groups to facilitate their studies (Baarkhus & Polichar, 2011). They communicate online and only meet to formalize the work. Information about classes can also reach each student very fast. Assignments are deposited easily on the students email accounts. The final tasks are also sent in the form of emails to make the process easier and faster. In most universities, lecturers are connected to the internet at all times to assist students. Students have the opportunity to consult their professors online about their home work. The e-consultation is very flexible as one does not need to spend a lot of time to visit the teacher to seek consultation.

Mobile phones have also improved research. Through their phones, students can access a large volume of analysis papers and textbooks necessary in conducting their research. The internet offers the most current books and groundwork papers at a very cheap price. Students are also able to access all their books in the library on a phone by simply connecting to their central library server. For instance, the Emerald Inc. has a vast number of research papers that are very authentic and can be accessed by students. Also students are able to access anything unfamiliar by keying into Google. Indeed, to this far, mobile phones have made academic life easier.

The modes of socialization have improved significantly through the use of mobile phones. Socialization has moved from being physical to using digital platforms. Today, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, What’s App, Instagram, and Snapchat have made socialization more comfortable. Through these platforms, people can communicate over long distances (Baarkhus & Polichar, 2011). They can chat by sending text messages as well as using photographs for communication. Since the modern smartphones have front cameras, people can take selfies and post them on the social media platforms to keep their friends updated. Through a platform known as Skype, phones offer an opportunity for people to have a live video chat. Indeed, thinking about socialization is changing rapidly with the introduction of phones.

The impact of phones on thinking, education and life overall is not only positive but negative as well. For example in the education sector, the standard classroom lectures are disturbed since instead of students concentrating, they usually focus on the social media (Plant, 2000). A lot of exercises go undone because of chatting. Most assignments end up with a lot of grammar mistakes and with a lot of plagiarism as the students use their phones to copy paste materials from the internet. With the use of phones, exam cheating has risen tremendously and thus the education sector has been left dwindling.

Socialization has also been significantly affected as phones become so widely used. The ordinary gatherings that acted as opportunities for people to meet and socialize are losing meaning. Today, the social media through platforms is booming. Different social networks provide an online platform upon which friends can meet to chat, share photos, videos as well as documents. Many friends unite over these platforms. Others get soulmates and lovers via the social media. The traditional thinking about socialization has therefore rapidly changed by the use of phones (Baarkhus & Polichar, 2011).

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Phones, however, bring not only positive impacts but also negative ones. For example, a lot of time is wasted over the internet instead of putting it to good use. Marriages break today because of the phones and the social media. People are becoming too lazy.


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