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The transport industry has been undergoing many revolutions due to various technological discoveries from the first fossil-fueled vehicles to modern planes. Currently, the electric vehicle technology is becoming a remarkable term in the industry as ...
Introduction The concepts of equivalence and equivalent effect play a crucial role in translation process and translation studies as a branch of linguistic research. It determines the controversy regarding the correspondence of the Source Text (ST) ...
It is increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that practice of social work is proactively developing so that it has been divided into numerous categories. In such a way, social work addresses a wide range of problems of the modern community. ...
Introduction Technology has been constantly improving. Since it was ultimately meant for improving the comfort of human beings, it has to keep changing and improving in line with the changing needs of people. It has, however, impacted the society in ...
The African film industry has been greatly affected by globalization. This phenomenon brought both negative effects and positives impacts in almost every sphere of life. The major improvements were performed in such areas as communication, ...
Introduction There are various reasons as to why organizations are established. Some are set to enrich individuals, while others strive to improve the world. In the case of the Boys and Girls Club, the main reason for its existence is its ...

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