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Introduction Military conflict is an authorized body by an upper society to use deadly force in protecting the country from threats. Other than protection, the military proceeds political plan and promotes the economy of a country through ...
Introduction The censorship phenomenon has a long history. It appears in various ways in different countries. From the very beginning, the influential part of the society knew how to impose the restrictions on the writers. In some cases, writers ...
Relationship between the United Kingdom And China The United Kingdom and China have been having a hate and love relationship over the years due to divergent political interests. The Second World War that involved many countries fighting against each ...
The Iraq-Iran war of 1980-1988 is considered a complicated military conflict, which still has an impact on political environment today. Military operations took place in the territory of the Middle East, resulting in numerous destructions, ...
Question 1 President Barrack Obama has not been able to develop any form of Legislative Agenda with the Congress from 2011 onward because of several issues. One of the most significant reasons for President Obama’s failure to develop any kind ...

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