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The manner in which human nature ought to be construed is among the enduring questions in the philosophy of East Asia. The philosophy of this part of the world asks whether humans are good or evil, and if morality is natural to human beings, or they ...
Arthur C. Danto’s philosophical thinking about art leads the reader through extensive range of examples distinguishing art from non-art and that “one could tell them apart from ordinary things as easily as one could tell one ordinary ...
For Rorty, Derrida is an ironist. In his philosophical writing, Derrida uses mere elaborate jokes that are composed of various fantasies. This is evident through various demonstrations as he tries to refute or agree with something. Rorty describes ...
For decades, children and youth have been regarded as the greatest asset and the promise of a better future for the whole society. In the United States, children and adolescents remain one of the most privileged social strata. Numerous systems, ...
Protagoras in his scholastic endeavor majored in philosophy and the ability to influence human thinking. To him, humanity can control all things in the environment because they possess the will and power to do so. In so doing, man has control over ...
Question 1. What is philosophy and how is it different from myth and religion? The term “Philosophy” comes from a Greek word philosophia, which means “love of wisdom”. It is defined as the study of values, knowledge, and ...

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