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Free Essay Sample «"Red Wind" by Raymond Chandler»


Red wind comes out as an explicit detective short story that is accompanied by great story line, a lot of imagery, and motifs. In bringing out exemplary imagery, Raymond Chandler describes the effects of the Santa Ana winds on the people residing in a small deserted town. Philip Marlowe who remains the main character in the story is a detective who gives his prospective that goes into detail as he describes the events in the small deserted town (Chandler, 1946). Unlike other stories that seem to be predictable, Chandler makes his narration one that is quite enticing as it remains as a good read because it goes beyond normal criminal short stories. This is because, as the detective relaxes at a bar, a crime scene occurs as a harmless drunk man turns out to be violent and shots another character Waldo. An imagination from a reader’s perspective seeks to determine whether the shooting was preset as the detective undertakes to solve a murder case and tries to track down some missing pearl in the small deserted town.

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Chandler uses an imaginative description of a crime scene that seems real and keeps the reader guessing about the outcome of the murder case. It is incredible on how the detective short story is set up as if Marlowe knew that the crime scene would take place. Even as the murder case seems to be a completely random event questions, arise on whether the detective knew the murderer or had some kind of grudge against him before he committed the crime (Chandler, 1946). I also find the story to be interesting because it contains textual indeterminacy that allows one to guess on what would happen next especially how particular events ultimately turned out and how it would end. Indeed, the story is one that remains fascinating because the authors descriptive words allows individuals to engage their minds in the narration as they try to conjure up images made by the different characters action. Considerably, it is interesting how the author uses red wind as a motif of both violence and death when the winds are out.


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