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The criticism of modern Hollywood cinema is often related to the dominance of sequels, adaptations of other forms of fiction and, most of all, remakes of older films. Constant remaking makes modern cinema unoriginal and predictable. However, ...
People can function in the surrounding world because they possess social cognition, which is the ability to perceive the information from the external stimuli, interpret them, reconsider them, and somehow react to these stimuli. Human beings can ...
All works of literature show some sort of conflict that contributes to the theme of the writings. In the story The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien and the poem Do not Go Gentle in the Night by Dylan Thomas, the authors focus on one’s ...
Introduction Democracy became the standard principle of the modern society. Nowadays, it is a kind of the contemporary spirit. It is difficult to find the modern constitution without elections, multi-party system, independence of the power branches, ...
The existence of gangs remains a major issue in the modern American society. Over the years, gangs continue to engage in criminal activities, which destabilize the society. In addition, these gangs continue to recruit new members in all regions of ...

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