Free Essay Sample «To Vote a Leader»

«To Vote a Leader»

Like many virtuous and civic-minded citizens voting is a right as long as one has attained the minimum requirements. It is the process of an electorate or group of people to make decision and giving opinions and done in all levels of our lives, hence a necessity. It may be either in parliament, congress and senate or in a forum. We vote after a span of years to determine the leaders to lead us in various institutions; among them running of our government, School, colleges and vote for decisions in our work places. Voting in politics is the major concern in most countries and has greater impact on our country’s development.

Art and democracy are one and the same because they have similar goals. Each prevents stagnation and increases levels of debate and culture. Voting is the art of choosing democracy which raises the level of debate and culture in a country. Voting a democratic leader needs wise evaluation from the society at large in all aspects. It starts with the family point of view, management of work and the natural leadership skills.

Nothing is sacred because nothing can be; Eritrea is an African country which separated from Ethiopia in 1991 and independence overwhelmingly approved in 1993 referendum ending years of bloodshed. Eritrea-Ethiopia boundary commission remotely demarcated the boundaries and hence declared a country on its own. Empires crumble, history fades to myth but only voting can change all this. Voting is a constitutional right for every Eritrean citizen. It has a transitional government and a single recognized political party (Peoples front for Democracy and Justice). The president is both the chief of state and head of government. It has also a National assembly of 150 members elected by the people to serve a five year term.

If we constantly confront new ideas, the quest for truth never fades. Eritrea has various natural resources among them: gold, potash, zinc and salt hence require proper utilization and control. These are major natural resources raising the economy over the years and have been managed well though not fully utilized. There is potential and hence need for efficiency so as to achieve maximum benefit. The vast coastal line should is being developed since independence to fully accommodate more cargo and open the landlocked countries through trade. Formulation of plans has been incorporating the experts in Eritrea so as to tap every opportunity and raise the wealth of Eritrea.

Peace does not come easily but by the wise it is easily won. Voting brings unity and peace among the citizens in Eritrea. They have three official languages: Tigrinya, Arabic and English. Leaders are able to talk with the citizens in various languages and solve their problems amicably. They welcome dialogue if conflict arises between or among surrounding nations to prevent bloodshed as experienced in earlier years. They lead the people by being their servant and addressing their concerns rather than his own selfish gains.

According to Pateman (1991) Voters in Eritrea always consider voting for a person who will improve the energy sector so as to feed the total consumption which exceeds the total supply. They should vote a government with learned people who are experts in the energy sector. Moreover they should seek for alternative sources of energy and reduce overreliance on electricity which generates 99.3 % of their total consumption.

Information and communication has been a major boost in Eritreans economy. Leaders are well informed in the information communication and transport sector. They have expertise in this sector will drive the economy to higher levels since it’s the key drive for economic development in the current trends. Leaders elected are hardworking people not only driven by the desire to work but also by passion for the country’s development. Your Vote is your say.



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