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«The Social Networking»


According to Rutledge (12), a social network is a term that is used to define a social stratum that is made up of elements which may be individuals and organizations. These people are connected together by a particular kind of interdependency which might be friendship or kinship (Lacy 53). Other likely causes of links include the common interest and sexual relations in addition to the beliefs relationships and knowledge’s could as well be the connecting factors. An analysis of the network does view social relationships on the basis of the networking theory that does involve the connections of nodes and edges. From Hall & Rosenberg (44), the specific factors within the network are the nodes while the relationship that thrives amongst them is referred to as the edges. It is possible to have wide groupings of the networks that exist between the edges and these are aimed at facilitating the social aspect that the parties are out to achieve. Kelsey (34) argues that the network of the socialization needs that are out to be met by social networking is a simplified outline of the particular ties that exist amongst the nodes such as friendship. The nodes are the social contact areas and through their connections the value that is realizable for being in that particular network can be put on a metric scale.

In the “Wealth, poverty and Social class” chapter of the book “Reading the World- Ideas that matter”, the author; Michael Austin does relay on the religious Hindu law to come up with a social group system that has the dominance of the social status and socializations categorization mostly in Indian for a considerable duration. In the excerpt, the usage of Adams smith ideology “from the wealth of nations”, which argues out for one to gain wealth he or she has to command other peoples labor, does show how social networks can facilitate the exploitation of humanity for individual benefits. It is social stratum that is defined by how much some has and their social classifications.

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This is a source that is able to deliver quality information on issues that are related to social networking. It is practically related to the topic in a greater way. Social networking is all related to stratification and freedom of socializing.

Christakis book does offer considerable information that is honest for social networking advancement and comprehension. According to the book, social networking process involves the grouping together of the individuals into the particular groups and then letting them to socialize and live as an entity that is free to communicate with each other. It is more practiced in the internet when compared to the normal daily conventions and this facilitates its popularity and effect. Internet is the biggest site for social networking due to the millions of individuals who are anticipating meeting others as well as gathering and being able to share information and their experiences on daily basis. Some seek to share the information regarding to matters such as cooking and data that does facilitate the venture to the other marketing.

This source has practical information on how social networking is developed and the influence it offers to the networking arena. It relies on the World Wide Web much.

In this book Crumlish & Malone attempt to ascertain that online social networking involves the usage of the World Wide Web services. They are designed and made to facilitate socialization as social sites and they are based on an online society of the people who are able to use the services of the internet for socialization. Any of the parties involved in the process must be sharing at least one common character trait that does bring them into a consensus and a discussion mode. Internet social networking might involve the reading of various people profile pages and the exchange of information with them. Crumlish & Malone’s work in the book is timely and descriptive in addition to being well researched.

In the “War and Peace” chapter of the book “Reading the World- Ideas that matter”, the author; Michael Austin uses a text such as the “Mo Tz: Condemnation of offensive war” which is a brief of the contemporary issues that are related to war and piece to condemn against the instances of war in favor of the collective peace and love. In this excerpt the author is using the merits of calmness and the tranquility of environment to create the perception of socialization and how turbulent war times would lead to breakages of the social networks and edges.

It is a source that is able to avail practical information on social networking caucus. Social networking as a community of people.

The chapters in this book by Qualman are in a simplified manner related to the social networking points of view. The book touches on networking as the creation of a community of people that are able to share similarities. Some of the social networking sites do give a clear focus on specific matters while others do not. Such social sites that are designed for socialization yet they do not have a specific focus are referred to as the conventional kind of social networking websites. These are sites that have equal chances to all that want to be their members. This makes them social networking sites that are not able to exclude elements on the basis of their hobbies or beliefs. An information source such as the one used in the extraction of data here and analysis of the subject is crucial to the scope of social networking.

This is a considerable source which is able e to deliver information realistic to the hand lance of the matters relating to social networking.

In this book by Powell, the scope of Social networking is outlined in a way that is practical to its comprehension and growth. It outlines that social networking impact is realizable from varying angles. It advantageous in that it enables people to connect based on their similarities of interests and undertaking across the geographical restrictions and other political grounds and the economic settings. It does further more facilitate the molding of a gift wealth and altruism is given a boost by the corporation mandate that the sites are associated with. A source that is used here is full of the content that is relative to the various points of views of the subject matter; Social networking.

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This book has relative information crucial to the understanding of the social networking discipline. Social networking facilitation and growth.

Safko does in the book outline that not only are the social sites used in the facilitation of socialization, but they are as well used to ensure that the scholars are able to advance on their educational backgrounds. Face book for instance and other social networking avenues have facilitated the scholarly research in addition to the rising of the availability of objects to partake a research on. These scholars have as well been trying to undertake investigations on the likely impact of social networking and its sites towards the matters that are linked to identification and personality privacy. It is in their mandate as well to investigate the social investment and culture of the youth and the educational relatedness of the matter. This is a scholarly source that is able to give detailed information on the various social networking avenues and its effectiveness due to its detailed aspect and scope on social networking.

Websites as well are getting into the culture of tapping the social networking model for benevolence. This is a model that is socially indented to connect the different industries and other small and medium sized ventures that are not able to afford the resources paramount to reach out to the widened market with the likely to be users (Dunay &Krueger 128).

Through the social networking sites individuals are able to communicate through the digital technology a fact that allows easier sharing of information and ideas which is the main concern for having a digital world. Social networking avenues have similarity in the conventional features. In a greater number of them the users are required to create profiles with their information. It is possible for people to add pictures post a wide variety of blog, search for people with similar interests and many more options. It is available with the systems the opportunity to make a choice of the people who can see ones profile for privacy concerns. Social, networks have as well sections that allow advertisements to be relayed the potential and existing customers (Hall & Rosenberg 78).

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Other features that are available in the social networking sites are the possibility of composing groups that are able for instance to hold forum pondering. An open social network technology has been incorporated to the sites to ensure that interoperability between social sites is facilitated. The mobile phone social networking has become the most popular venture (Kelsey 211).



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