Free Essay Sample «Social Justice»

«Social Justice»

Social justice is a paramount part of education especially for students in Kindergarten-5th grade students. Diversity increase in schools is directly related to the increase of segregation due to inequality in terms of income, access to healthcare, and the most prominent one is the closing down of schools that belong to the minority groups. Leadership and inclusion would play a key role in the incorporation and teaching of social justice in schools. As a principal, I would encourage teachers to embrace the use of curriculum to teach the need of social justice at both the school and the community.

One of the approaches that a mathematics teacher would use is the illustration of wealth distribution in America. This would enable students to see that most of the wealth belongs to few individuals while the rest of the population struggles with poverty. From such illustrations, students will be asked to suggest the solutions to such a social injustice and try to show how fair resource distribution will affect the lives of other Americans. This fosters an educational environment that aims at the creation of social justice.

The other method is through practicing first hand accountability and professionalism in resource allocation to the students. Student’s premiums allocation should be given to the neediest students followed by those who are less needy. This will aid the students to embrace their social differences, support each other emotionally, and develop personal responsibility.

I would convince teachers to use the aforementioned approaches because as leaders in a school setting, they need to show that they are taking some steps to bridge the ever-widening social gaps in school. The theme of social justice should be ensconced into the minds of the young students because they need to be visionary leaders. In addition to that, education that incorporates social justice will play a key role in transforming the social outlook of America.



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