Free Essay Sample «Sexuality in Society»

«Sexuality in Society»

The creation of human being makes them social nature that is shaped by the societies that they were born and bred into. Societal codes on habits and desires as well as the hopes and fears and believes do design the way human nature shall lead his life within the communal limits. The particular codes of conduct are related to the individual sex attitudes and behaviors. People are born with a particular latent for sexual idiom though this potential can be in a variety of ways realized according to the person’s society. It is argued that even in sexually despotic communities the sexuality potential may stay fully unrealized or to a certain extent realized (Carol 32).

Different society’s posses and advocate for varying sexuality perspectives. This is because the sexual behavior is learned and associated by the children when still young according to the norms of the society .It is reliant on the acceptable limits and way of expressing sexuality in the society as opposed to ungoverned choice of the sexuality mannerisms. People are able to adapt to various masculine and feminine persona in relation to their sex. Children that are born and bred of tolerant parents have great potential of growing their sexuality responses as opposed to the ones that bred under restrictions and confining surroundings. Puritanical education does facilitate the feeling of guilt for children who have tolerant parents and this makes them to block their overwhelming sexual responses. Frustrated children do on the other hand develop ‘loose morals” and them mainly depict their antagonism through the usage of sex. The well looked at and satisfied persons do make a choice of their sexual partners carefully, do ensure that they are satisfied, and are relevant to the societal norms on sexuality. The society as well does offer room for the members who do give up the sexuality pleasures for religious or moral perceptions into the vow of chastity.

Sexuality and society norms are not specific to individual’s idiosyncrasies or the failures and triumphs; it is rather communal and has no classifications in relation to the social classes or other variables. Sexuality behavior in the community definition does not only give a reflection of an individual’s choices and tastes but it too incorporates the basic values that are rampart in the society, which they originate from, or their social stratification position. Different people might be in the same society but the cultural perspectives govern their sexual behaviors.

The philosophies of sexuality do outline that people who are in self-gratifying and liberal cultures are most probably going to be blissful and opulent while the ones in puritanical and restraining cultural backgrounds would tend to be fretful and subdued (Pascoe 77). It will be possible for the hedonistic culturally designed society to facilitate the sexual carnival as a source of contentment while the repressive kind would hide it due to the shame that they do associate with it. Sexuality is reliant on the individual’s conformity to the societal sexual standards and the ultimate communal belief of purpose and definition of sex.

Majority societies relay on religion to define sex and from it they nature sexuality which is a canon that has been in practice since time immemorial; the religious doctrines on sex. Sexuality has a common theme in the society and it is more reliant on the doctrines that are grounded on religion.

The cultural changes in the post modern society make sexuality to be treated as thing that has to be leant same as language by children. The naturalist does consider sexuality as a biological fact but the society has more to that perspective. It is made to have the values and norms that are reasonable to its acceptance in the society (Seidman 59). The society is based on the constructivism theory that argues that sexuality is socially created phenomena and it is as well regulated by the society. It asserts that sexuality is fixed to civilizing and material variations from one society to the other. It is socially inclined to rank, epoch and the race of the person as well as the sexual characteristics that one has. Culturally issues that are related to sexuality vary from one culture to other and are affected by time in a particular culture.

Sexuality is all about trying to make some one love the other and the understanding of the desires for love and it is common in many cultures. Sexuality occupies a critical position in an individual in regard to society norms because it is the arena where the competing needs of pleasure and norms are brought onto a balance in the selfhood art (Stombler 28). The distinctions do result in the various experiences and entitlements in the society as far as sexuality is concerned. Sexuality and the societal norm are supposed to be at par for there to be a reasonable coexistence in the community.

It is a responsibility of all the parties involved to ensure that sexuality and society do not conflict but instead they are able to augur and coexist with all the variables being contented. Society dictates the sexuality after the biological determination of a child and it is dependant on it for one to come into terms with the happenings and doings that are practical and do not demean the social status. It is within the confines of the society punishable to the defaulters of the accepted codes of conduct and sexuality behavior. Sexuality in the society point of view should be taken as responsibility by the entire communal member to ensure that responsible sexual undertakings are practiced at the expense of the spoilt kind. Society does influence sexuality largely.



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