Free Essay Sample «Power, Authority, and Influence»

«Power, Authority, and Influence»

Power is the ability of a person or a group to influence another party, while influence is the ability to affect the decision of another person or group (Cialdini, 2008). Authority on the other side is the power given to a particular person. The article provided, show different women who strive to gain this power and influence in their own way. They make some mistake and face some difficulties. They are in their best to do what men think that they alone can do. They work harder to be an influence in their organization and their work places. Women are despised in the corporation’s just because they are woman. They stand firm on what they believe in. They believed in changing the corporate world and influencing everybody.

Women face various challenges in their effort to gain power. These challenges do not discourage them instead they give them reasons to remain strong and courageous. Linda Chavez faced various obstacles in her career as the Executive Vice-President of AFL-CIO. She struggled not only as a woman but a woman of color. When she became assistance business manager, her colleagues thought of her as the secretary since she was the only woman in the meeting. She stood strong and made it clear to everybody that she was a woman leader. This made her stand as the first woman of color to be an executive and a union activist for decades. Janice Gjertsen gave another challenge of women trying to be like men. These women become so aggressive and rude. Eventually they do not influence other people and men dislike them for these characters. According to Harriet Rubin women are intensive daring and reckless which posses a big challenge towards their success or influence to others. In the opinion of Kathryn Gould, most of the women fail to touch people in their leadership, which makes men overcome them. Most of the people in corporation look for people who will influence them. Darlene Mann faced the challenge of discrimination just because she was a woman. She tried to give a man entrepreneur some feedback, who abused her. The man could not listen to her and despised her advice just because she gave feedback without being asked to. Finally, Wendy Luhabe outlined a challenge of not knowing. Lack of knowledge is one of the biggest problems that one would face. Women hate to put themselves in vulnerable situations unlike, men who don’t mind. Therefore, they fail to get into new adventures.

Women gain power differently in their work places. According to Sharon Patrick the best way to gain power is to be a gather since, men are hunters. A woman should look for a common interest at a work place, find the solution to the challenge at hand and then collaborate with others. Through this, she will definitely emerge as a winner and have the power. Linda Chavez belief’s that women should stand on what they believe. Let everybody know who they are, what their position is and be firm not to let people take them for what they are not. In Janice Gjertsen opinion, she thinks that a woman will gain power by being who she is. She should not try to be like a man or any other person, and through this everyone will respect her. Kathy belief’s the same as Janice, though she attributes a small percent of successful women to the ability of being like men. That is trying to do what men in power do. Katherine belief’s that women should command attention and influence others. They should command respect eventually. On the other hand, according to Kathryn a woman should persuade people with her reasoning power, and have group communication according to Sara Levinson. Communication is a major form of breakthrough in any corporation and should be observed. This will gain them power. Finally, Wendy Luhabe belief’s that, a woman will gain power by first engaging herself in good relationship with those already in powers. Learn from those in power, ask question and then make contribution on how to make changes in the changing world.

The French and Raven theory describes power in five different form. Legitimate is the form of power that a person makes demand and commands obedience (Kellerman, 2010). › Visit Amazon's John P. Kotter Page Social connection is another form where one builds relationship with those people that they know to gain power. According to Wendy if you share and build a good relationship with those in power eventually you become powerful and be a big influence to everybody. Reward is yet another form used in the article. According to Jassica and Darlene they believe that money is power. They believe that power gives people influence over those around them (Pfeffer, 1993). Find all the books, read about the author, and more.

Expert is another form that influence people and demands respect. A person can influence people around her through her knowledge. Finally there is the referent form that focuses on what is worth and attractive (Kellerman, 2010). › Visit Amazon's John P. Kotter PageMost of the women portrayed this characteristic. These theories are explained further through different strategies that enable people to gain power in an organization. Women in the article used some of these strategies to influence others and gain power. These strategies include,

  • Persuasion strategies that use appeal to reason to achieve influence (Kotter, 2010). Kathryn Gould used persuasion strategy through her appeal to reason. She was able to make people do what she wanted because, they believed in her.

  • Position is strategy that influences those in authority (Pfeffer, 1993)Find all the books, read about the author, and more.
  • . Wendy built a good relationship with those in power, learned from them and eventually gained respect.
  • Reward is a strategy that focuses on a motivator. According to Jassica and Darlene Mann money is power (Kellerman, 2010). › Visit Amazon's John P. Kotter Page
  • This means that when you put people together with money things happen (Kotter, 2010). Those that have money will influence and command things to happen.
  • Preparatory strategy focus on building a positive relationship to influence future outcomes (Pfeffer, 1993). Find all the books, read about the author, and more.
  • . Katherine believed in this strategy that why she organized a group of women when their company had fallen. They were able to re-invent and put the company back into operation. Sera Levinson believed in good communication which prepared others for the future. She influenced through her good communication and pleased everybody.
  • Finally there is the Push strategy which influences by imposing (Kotter, 2010). Harriet Rubin was aggressive and so determined that she was able to gain power and influence. On the other hand Linda stood on what she believed she was that she was named ‘pushy broad’.

In conclusion, men should learn to give respect to women and stop discriminating them. They should understand that women can command power and influence others. Women should stand on what they believe and never give room for discouragement. Wendy was able to stand firm on her ground and commanded respect. According to Kathryn persuasion with reasoning power is the best way to gain power. Women should be calm in what they do, gather all the required information and use the best strategy possible to gain power. They should be keen on who they give feedback because, not everyone will take any comment lightly. Women should get knowledge and increase their awareness therefore, command power.



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