Free Essay Sample «International Terrorist Groups»

«International Terrorist Groups»

The problem of terrorism is the most vital in the world, and much attention of the world’s publicity is riveted on this issue. Moreover, people are not only involved into the process of different military operations directed at the decrease of terrorists groups; they respond and act on it in different ways. The given essay will take into consideration five terrorist groups known all over the world.

1. Al-Qaida is an International Islamic Front for Jihad against the Jews and Crusaders. The word “Al-Qaida” means “basis” from the Arabic language. The organization has an extensive network of branches in many countries of the world. Except terrorism, the organization conducts continuous activities for the creation of new Islamic formations and radicalization of already existing ones. The main goal of the organization is an overthrow of the secular regimes in the Arabic countries and the establishment of a theocratic system with the norms of Shariat, as well as consolidation of all Muslim countries into one Caliphate in a long-term perspective (Global Security, 2012).

2. Hamas is an Islamic resistance movement ruling in Gaza Strip since 2007. Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization by the European Union, Israel, Canada, the USA, and Japan; it is also forbidden in Jordan. Australia and Great Britain recognize only a military wing of Hamas as a terroristic one. The name “Hamas” is an abbreviation of a full Arabic name “Harakat Al-mukavama Al-islamiyya” meaning “An Islamic resistance movement”. The movement was based on December 15, 1987, soon after the beginning of the First Palestinian intifada on the basis of the Egyptian organization “Muslim Brotherhood” and “The Palestinian Islamic Jihad” in the Gaza Strip. It is recognized by the terrorist organizations in the number of countries. Sheikh Ahmed Yasin became the spiritual leader of this movement (Hamas Charter, 1988).

3. Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) is an Islamic organization created in 1996 by the former members of the number of forbidden political parties and movements in Uzbekistan including “Justice Society”, “Islamic party of the Renaissance”, “Islamic party of Turkestan”, “Soldiers of Islam”, etc. Tahir Yuldashev became the political leader of the movement and the head of a military link of Juma Namangani. IMU is considered to be a terrorist organization by many countries of the world including Russia and the USA. The IMU’s activity is pursued by the authorities of Uzbekistan; therefore, the majority of its heads and members are in emigration. Prior to the beginning of a counter-terrorist operation in Afghanistan, its headquarters settled down in Kandahar (Afghanistan). The majority of the IMU’s members took part in a civil war in Tajikistan supporting the Integrated Tajik Opposition (ITO).

4. Al-Jihad - The Egyptian Islamic Jihad - is a terrorist Islamic group, whose aim is the overthrow of a secular mode in Egypt and the creation of the Islamic state on its territory; it also fights against the interests of the USA and Israel in Egypt and neighboring countries. It was created in the late seventies. The first head of the organization was the graduate of the Cairo University Muhammad abd-al-Salam Faraj. Al-Jihad carries out the armed attacks against the high-rank government officials. As a rule, it uses the mined cars for its terroristic activity. The fighters of this organization repeatedly attack foreign tourists. The members of this organization also acted on the territory of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Great Britain, etc.

5. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) is a militarized Palestinian political group aimed at the creation of the independent Palestinian Islamic state and destruction of Israel by means of jihad. It was based at the end of the 1970s by the Palestinians from the Sunni movement “Muslim Brotherhood”. The group was headed by the doctor Fathi Shaqaqi (who remained its leader up to his death in 1995) and sheikh Abd Al Aziz Awda. It is recognized as a terrorist organization in the USA, the European Union, Great Britain, Japan, Canada, Australia, and Israel.

In conclusion, I would like to say that there are a lot of terrorist groups all over the world, especially in Muslim countries. There are not only tactical disagreements, but also distinctions in the choice of strategic approaches among various terrorist movements of Islamists despite the idea of the word “jihad” uniting them. Moreover, each of the movements considers its way to be the only one right believing that it is necessary to point to the delusions and sins of the other organizations.



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