Free Essay Sample «Immigration Proposal»

«Immigration Proposal»

While addressing the issue of immigration proposal, the New York Times and BBC News are viewed to portray different perspectives of the president. For instance, the New York Times views it as an opportunity for the president to seize and rewrite the nation’s immigration laws. The president is quoted as having emphasized that “the closer we get, the more emotional this debate is going to become.” He stated that if Congress was not going to move on “in a timely fashion” on its own legislative basis, he would take up certain steps (The New York Times News). This shows how the president wants to use this opportunity to rewrite the nation‘s immigration laws. In an attempt to introduce their project before the day when Mr. Obama was to declare his speech, the senators tried to outmarch the president by introducing their own draft. But their goal to diminish his efforts was not successful, as well as it didn’t give an extra importance to their role in designing a final bill. This shows how immigration legislation is important to the president.

The BBC News though quotes that the bipartisan group as having stolen a march on the president while trying to present their draft; it reports that president Obama considers the conditions to push the immigration reform as the ‘time right’. The paper views president Obama as a person who knows a winning strategy. He is described as having passionately declared: ’now it is the time’ for immigration reform (BBC News). The paper reports that the move is reflected by the growing influence of Hispanic voters that voted for him in the last election. Though the republicans are supporting it, their continuous criticism gives an upper hand to the democrats.

Although the two articles in the papers portray president Obama to be pushing for the speedy reforms on immigration laws, BBC news report considers Obama as the one with a winning strategy, while the New York Times considers it as an opportunity for the president to rewrite the immigration laws. Though I consider the two articles to be explaining the same issue, it brings out different meanings and perspectives of the President. This portrays the biasness the media can have while giving out the same information.



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