Free Essay Sample «Ethical Issues and Dilemma»

«Ethical Issues and Dilemma»

Taking care of the elderly is an ethical issue since it is a global issue. Some organizations have even been formed to deal with this ethical dilemma. Therefore, the elderly have diverse ethical issues compared to the average adults since they are likely to be more vulnerable. Taking care of the elderly is also an ethical issue since the issue of solving conflicts is required. For instance, the care givers could take advantage of the elderly but at some point, divert the attention. An elderly man could sign the power of attorney so as to give his daughters the power of managing his wealth. Such a situation brings about the conflict of interest once the daughters seek a legal transfer of the material goods.  This is a paradigm of an ethics vs. law issue that may have caused tension to the old man.

From my personal perspective, I would call the daughters once I find the elderly man in the deplorable conditions. This is due to the reason that the elderly man has an impaired thinking hence; he might not be able to make informed decisions. More so, the elderly man’s daughters may have conceived a thought that their father is alright judging from the previous encounter. Additionally, the family may be residing far from the elderly man’s home making it difficult to visit him regularly. As a counselor, I would also seek some background information from the society before the daughters encounter so as to have clear information on how to help the elderly man.

Though as a counselor, I ought to respect the decision of the patients (elderly), some cases are extreme hence; an immediate action is required. I would also ask the married daughters to accompany the elderly man to the hospital for some test and treatment thus; the elderly man should enjoy autonomy in this case. More so, he should understand all the tests being done to him and the reason of conducting them. The elderly man therefore is able to enjoy the ‘informed consent’ ability. This will be supplemented by written information of the same would help him. The doctor, his daughters and I would ensure the implicit acquisition of the care that is intended for the elderly man.  Although it requires extra work for the aged man to consent to all these procedures, a lot of counseling is necessary to assure him the need for a healthy lifestyle.  The elderly man will also be conversant with the medical requirements and also be in control of the treatment being induced in their bodies. This will improve their lifespan and ease the tension and suffering.  

Moral principles underpinning the elderly dilemma their relevance

There are several moral principles that influence the elderly dilemma as well as their relevance in this case study. One of the principles is the responsibility to clients. This states that the counselors and the care givers ought to respect the rights of the elderly at large as well as ensure they provide the best services. The principle is also based on the issue of non-discrimination of the elderly maybe due to their race, socioeconomic status or even disability. This would imply that the elderly will not receive the perfect care she/he needs without a preconceived notion of such negative ideologies. The elderly ought to enjoy an informed consent in possible circumstances where he is able to understand the process he is subjected to. This requires the elderly to be adequately informed about the process as well as the potential risks or benefits of the treatment.  The principle of responsibility to clients also requires that I avoid multiple relationships with the elderly. This would impair the professional rule given to me and would sometimes result to exploitation by the same professionals. Sexual intimacy with the elderly is also not approved since it would divert the whole idea of healthcare to personal life.

The principle of confidentiality is also an issue that underpins the elderly world. This is based on guarding and respecting the life issues of the elderly and not disclosing them to anyone. However, in case I am required to disclose any information to the married daughters about the health of the elderly man, this will be done under the idea of disclosing limits of confidentiality. In an intense circumstance, I would suggest that there be a written authorization to release the elderly man’s information to his family or the community. This extends to non-clinical information like the family’s background or upcoming issues. This principle also requires that I protect the records of the written authorization in accordance with the legal laws of protection.

The principle of professional competence and integrity is also required so as to maintain a high standard of professionalism. I would seek assistance in issues that will impair my work in helping the elderly man recover and lead a normal life.  I will do this by avoiding the conflicts of interest that would stir things up with the elderly man. This is by ensuring that the elderly man provides me with the accurate information so that I know the right measures to take. I will also develop new skills to improve the counseling services as well as avoid harassing him. This will build trust between the old man and me that is necessary for a good care system.

The principle of financial arrangement is also necessary for the right course of duty. This is the reason I need to talk to the married daughters in order to make financial agreements that will aid in taking the elderly man to the hospital. The virtue of financial integrity is required so that the elderly man view the process as an imperative one. For instance, if the costs become too expensive, the elderly man would ignore the services and prefer to stay in his current condition. Therefore, the issue requires persuasion along with the absolute breakdown of the utilized funds.

The code of ethics I have adopted

The code of ethics I have adopted as a counselor to the elderly man is the one adopted by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). This code of ethics has instituted the goals, principles as well as standards of the social workers regardless of the workers’ professional ability. The NASW code of ethics argues that the core values of the main purpose should be identified and also provides an account of the ethical principles that ought to guide the social workers. This code of ethics will help me handle conflicts once they arise between the involved parties. The ethics are also meant to provide a clear guideline to the public on the importance of the health care services to the elderly. This will motivate the others to include the services to their list of considerations as long as they have some elderly people residing in their homes.

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The NASW code of ethics must also be approved and adhere to the attorney rules as well as models. This encourages professional conduct among the social workers. As a counselor, I would ensure the adaptation of a high level of professionalism in order to meet the Attorney’s expectations. The proficient rules of conduct plus codes of ethics are not hand-cuffs to those who offer much needed as well as loving care to the elderly.  To a certain extent, caregivers who couple the rules and codes of ethics and execute the Principlism ethical framework are always ready to deal with the ethical issues and dilemmas they are expected to stumble upon in eldercare. Ethical skilled conduct while delivering eldercare enhances the physique and trustworthiness of caregivers within their society and encourages others to act in like manner.  Most prominently, in the end, the elderly are capable of being served properly and this will profit the most for their quality of life. The proper care also improves their lifespan since the care giver works in their best interest.    

The NASW code of ethics also emphasizes on the need to respect the elderly’s legal decision concerning his property. This implies that not even his family members should interfere with or change the elderly verdict. Therefore, as a counselor, I am expected to inquire from the elderly on the terms of his property and his decision on the same. For instance, in this case study, the elderly already has two married daughters hence; may decide to share the wealth between them. I am expected to help him to make all the necessary arrangements if not yet done without expecting to benefit in the process. This is in accordance with the ethical issue of beneficence, which states that I should only do well to the elderly man. This goes hand in hand with nonmaleficence that majors on ethical ability of spending quality time with the elderly man as well as doing no harm to him.

Relevant administrative policy

The administrative policy in this case study is defined as the governing principle that directs or constraints actions. The administrative policy will help ensure the conformity of the existing laws and support the mission of the agency. The health care policy for this case aims at giving health care to the needy in the society along with the idea of practicing privacy and security of individual health information. The administrative policy that is in line with the elderly man is known related to acting on suspicion of the elderly neglect. The purpose of this administrative policy is that the case of neglect should be reported by me immediately to the health care organization so that the right actions are taken. This case is then divided into two by the administrative agencies so as to deal with them amicably. For instance, the case may be divided into looming physical danger, which means that it requires an instant action. The other section, which the neglect case may be categorized into, is the suspicion of at-risk situations. This situation allows the agency to gather enough information about the neglected person so as to approach the elderly in a knowledgeable manner. I could do this or a group of my fellow social workers. The agency also needs to operate under the existing laws, which offer licenses to the counselors and other medical workers to operate all over the country or the world if the agency is an international one. The administrative policy also states that the counselor should include all the internal documentation due to any necessary request by the agency officials. This serves as the proof by the agency that the legal rights of the elderly have been respected and that everything is being done from an informed consent.

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The administrative policies also state that it is imperative for the aged to fully concentrated on nursing the affair of getting old. This comprises accepting the physical changes that affect individuals in that the respiratory and the circulatory become less effectual. This affects a person’s quality of life in a manner that the person has to remain cautious on diet as well as the activities they partake. Life hastens as people become old since people’s sturdiest memories transpire formerly. Actions stirring in later life merely fail to oblige the equivalent analysis of encrypting, storing and reclamation as prior life actions. Exploration in this ground notifies both tutors besides scholars all the finest techniques to contour the grown-ups knowledge familiarity.  With medical innovations and perfections in living circumstances, individuals can nowadays expect to live longer lives than afore. Nonetheless, the panorama of simply living longer grants several difficulties. This datum has steered scholars to explore the emotional traits of getting old. They do this with an objective of making the supplementary years’ worth living. There is an inordinate pact of information that tips us to be optimistic about the potential eminence of life in late parenthood besides old age.

Additionally, the administrative policies argue that families of the elderly ought to deliver systems of sustenance and interface that could not be accessible from external mediums for some ageing people. These systems may avert the gradation of social isolation in old age, which is related to hopelessness and further psychosomatic snags.  If an individual's gains in monetary status outperform the advantages of the situation group, then the individual is likely to experience a superior sense of gratification. Nevertheless, if their improvements are equivalent to the regular in their situation group, they are   likely to experience no alteration.  Consequently, it may be authoritative for many elderly grown-ups transitioning to departure to have supportable investments or other income in order to uphold or surpass their earlier economic status.

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My personal values in the dilemma and the conflicts influencing the values

Some of my personal values in the dilemma include the responsibility of ensuring the elderly is alright since, helping the needy is my calling. For instance, I will advise the elderly man to consult a nutritionist to get guidance on what types of foodstuffs they ought to use so as to resolve the physical change associated with late adulthood. This is a positive approach which avoids all the unnecessary constipation as well as making sure the circulatory system is always intact. On the other hand, a negative approach may involve engaging in vigorous activities, and these activities result in challenges in the respiratory system thus; I will ensure the elderly man does not engage in any hard work. More so, a positive cognitive resolution involves engaging in simple activities like games to jog the mind. For instance, filling in the crosswords puzzles serves as a remedy for several aged people. Ego integrity makes one comprehensive and gratifies that person with their accomplishments. It also gives one the necessary modified aids to deal with triumphs and distresses alongside the aptitude to view one’s life in the loftier perspective. The conflict that may face this personal value in solving the elderly dilemma is the hesitation to follow instructions. This requires patience with the elderly man since they pose to be extremely stubborn.

Another personal value that I would instill in the elderly man’s daily life is spirituality. This should be accompanied by an emphasis of frequent trainings concerning the grown-ups. Numerous studies have linked spirituality with happiness, life expectancy; although, it will be essential for imminent research to stipulate undoubtedly which dimensions of devout involvement are useful to which consequences.  Certain aspects of spiritual participation permit elderly people to overcome emotive and physical complications successfully. This leads to a delicate sense of well-being in late adulthood. Social affairs and social sustenance systems aid as defensive factors in countless ways. They profit folks by enhancing self-confidence, providing reassurance, and endorsing healthy manners. It is also possible that societal networks might provide more palpable aid such as nourishment, outfit, and transportation. This aid allows an aging person to persist socially energetic even yet they could not have the resources of their own. It is correspondingly imperative to extricate the variance between accepting maintenance and backing from associates or kinsfolk as disparate to intervention assistance.

Solutions desired by particular stake holders

The agency: A health care agency has several responsibilities in ensuring the elderly man receives the care he needs. The agency should ensure the local health care centers function properly and have all the necessary requirements. As a consultant, the services that are required of the organization include evaluating and assessing the structure of the local health centers so as to determine the solutions to be taken. More so, the consultant agency needs to analyze the existing research related on the health centre and perhaps interview some employees to get additional information.  To form the agency, the counselor will be required to engage a local approach to the problems at hand on the local basis. This includes health care challenges like toxic waste products, persistent diseases, as well as natural disasters.

The client: I should persuade the elderly man to accept the care that and also allow the involvement of his two daughters. This solution is desired by the elderly man to ensure the goals of the health care are accomplished. The elderly man should be made to understand that the late adulthood begins at the age of sixty-five years, where the aged ought to resolve the conflict of integrity vs. despair as Erik Erikson suggests. There are many physical changes that occur in late adulthood. For instance, the respiratory and circulatory systems become less effectual, and vicissitudes in the intestinal region might result to augmented constipation. More so, a cognitive change involves a decrease in the response speed which includes both motor and neural.  A social- emotional change among the elderly occurs when individuals feel that they settled for several erroneous verdicts. Therefore, there is a limited time for these individuals to change.  They also experience difficulty in accepting the fact that   death is near, therefore, overawed by acrimony, downfall and desperateness. The elderly man will be undergoing some form of therapy that is meant to cure this illness.

The family: this includes the two daughters who should be fully involved in the healing process of the elderly man. For instance, after I contact them, I am expected to explain their role in their fathers healing. More so, I would like to identify the motive behind the denial of health care services from the daughters as their father claims. If it is a negative one, the daughters will be advised to make up with their father and develop some care for him so that he heals fast.

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The colleagues: there are other social workers who would like to participate in helping the elderly man. Therefore, after my findings, I should give them an outline of what the elderly man needs keeping in mind that his confidential information is safe with me. This is done so that even in my absence, the elderly man still is still taken care of by my colleagues.

The supervisor: as the counselor, I should report to him on the progress of the elderly man so that he compiles it with other clients. This is used in ranking the organization and determining the next line of action to be taken. The modern technology enables the organization to expand their knowledge by borrowing ideas from other health care agencies globally. This will result to a qualified personnel as well as the required competence of the social workers. Now that the supervisor reports to the top executives of the agency, he has to expect some proficient work from the social workers.

The possible course of action and the proposed solution and arguments for and against

My possible course of action is the family care giving and cultural diversity. This is so because the family responsibilities are determined by the cultural norms.  For example, some communities assign the child who will take care of the parents once they approach the elderly age. This is not good since the parents may have several children who are supposed to spartake in taking care of their parents without being forced to do it. I believe in total participation of the community mainly the family members to give the elderly the care they need. This is by gathering resources and the effort needed to perform the task. The preferences and autonomy of the elderly should be followed to the letter since it gives them the accommodation they require in life. Though the elderly may sometimes express grief and loss, the care giver requires some patience with them. This is sometimes known as role reversal since; one finds himself losing the prior support of parents and in return takes care of all their needs. The proposed solution however does not suit the diverse cultures of the world. In such cases, some elderly are taken to secluded homes to spend the rest of their lives with other aged people. The best health care the children could give their elderly parents is by offering their presence and support according to other cultures. Therefore, there is no certain manner that people would agree as the paramount technique to take care of the aged. This means that whichever situation the elderly finds him/herself in, he/she should embrace it positively and move on with life.


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Care giving and cultural diversity is the best in terms of appreciating our elderly as well as the society due to their contribution. This is because culture cannot be alienated from a people hence the norms culture views as the best to all people work best for them. More so, the social ties with the society, children and the parents help form a bond that creates a sturdy relationship among the members involved. This will ensure the client is given special attention by all the members involved. The client also has time to fully enjoy the company of the family and societal members hence, he has no time to think about his predicaments and ailment.

The care giving and cultural practice satisfies the legal, agency, regulatory as well as the professional standards since it ensures follows the right channels in performing its tasks to the elderly. For instance, the agency is registered and the counselors have a legal license that they operate within all dimensions. The professional standards are meant since the counselors ensure the best care is given to the elderly man and that his confidential information is kept safe. The regulatory standards are achieved by ensuring the agency functions within its range and that the policies are well outlined for the workers to follow. Through this, the agency will grow and expand its services to extreme levels in the near future.



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