Free Essay Sample «Characteristics of an Islmaist Suicide Bomber»

«Characteristics of an Islmaist Suicide Bomber»


Suicide bombing can be described as an operational technique which relies heavily on loss of life of the Islamic suicide bomber so as to accomplish the deadly mission. The Islamic suicide bomber knows extremely well that if he or she doesn’t commit suicide, then the operation cannot be successful. Most terror networks use suicide bombers owing to the fact that they are inexpensive. These networks include Hamas and Hezbollah. Another perfect example of a terror network that uses suicide bombers so as to wreck havoc is Al Qaeda.

A suicide bomber attack normally leaves behind no proof. Additionally, he or she strikes dread into the target population. The accomplishment of this form of terrorism relies on two factors. One is the magnitude of shock. The second factor is the ease of access to target populations.

What exactly is the profile of an Islamic suicide bomber?

Unfortunately, the available text regarding the profile of Islamic suicide bombers across the globe is small. Nonetheless, profiling of an Islamic suicide bomber may possibly take two approaches. The initial approach recommends an emotional profile. The second approach proposes a profiling which is based on a sociological viewpoint. As far as the emotional approach is concerned, it appears to be assuring. However, it has sharply been criticized by various scholars across the globe. They have argued that no profile of an Islamic suicide bomber exists. Additionally, they have argued that it centers on the confined convenience of the research topics (White, 2002).

Personal characteristics of an Islamic suicide bomber

The prevailing conditions in a certain society may possibly compel an individual to turn out to be a suicide bomber. For instance, a person who is considered to be a bad omen in a particular civilization may choose to become a suicide bomber since he or she feels unwanted. Secondly, both male and female suicide bombers are usually spurred to commit this heinous crime in a bid to express several political processes that did not meet certain expectations of their respective societies. Thirdly, some Islamic suicide bombers are lawfully disturbed with certain societal inequalities.

Male suicide bombers are usually aged twenty two (22) to twenty four (24). As far as female suicide bombers are concerned, the general range in age is from fifteen (15) to sixty (64) (Smith and Kathryn, 1994). Majority of the Islamic suicide bombers possess degrees mainly in humanities from reputed institutions of higher learning across the globe.

 Normally, suicide bombers discover consolation within the ritualistic unity. This unity usually exists in radical circles. These circles are frequently led by an enigmatic person who normally searches for novel recruits. Some of the bombers are recruited by these persons while still in colleges and universities and are required by their recruiters to stick to several revolutionary assumptions and principles. They tend to be average and ordinary individuals.

Other personal characteristics of suicide bombers include kindness, emotional constancy and imagination. Dominance, bravery, and sympathy are also some of the personal characteristics of an Islamic Suicide bomber (Smith and Kathryn, 1994).

Psychological Characteristics of an Islamic suicide bomber

 Islamic suicide bombers have several psychological characteristics. One, they are not screaming extremists. Two, they aren’t psychotic. Three, they are customarily members of a particular terror network. The leader of this network requires each member to accomplish the faction’s fabulous dreams. Additionally, each member is expected to take on the faction’s violent behavior. This form of behavior (violent behavior) is usually addictive. Also, it makes the bombers to be excited and to get hooked. It strengthens the libidinal bond within the faction. Therefore, a bomber is disposed to recognize a charismatic leader who provides whichever similarity of unity.

Four, some of them are psychologically unstable while others exhibit impetuous. Five, several suicide bombers possess an emotionally condition which is usually referred to as dissociation. This condition makes them (the suicide bombers) to shut off upsetting feelings. Six, some suicide bombers depict symptoms of emotional inequality.

Habits or behavioral characteristics of an Islamic bomber

Suicide bombers possess several behavioral characteristics. First of all, they are extremely realistic. Two, they don’t express whichever ethical doubts regarding their actions. Three, a suicide bomber isn’t wild-eyed. Four, he or she is not suspicious. Five, some of the bombers are dependant-avoidant. This implies that they are more liable to work in unison and thus able to execute their missions against their own opinion. Six, they appear preoccupied. Seven, they are determined and watchful. Eight, they normally try to blend in. Nine, they attempt not to be noticed by security personnel.  Ten, he or she may possibly pray eagerly. Eleven, their conduct may possibly be steady with that of an individual who doesn’t have whichever hope in life. An example of this conduct includes being unbothered regarding the attainment of change for a particular procurement/purchase. Twelve, some of them undergo profuse sweating. This sweating is usually synch with climatic conditions.

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In your opinion, what makes an Islamic suicide bomber give his or her life just to take the lives of innocent people?

According to me, there are several reasons as to why an Islamic suicide bomber gives his/her life. The first reason is the religion factor. It is apparent that all Islamic suicide bombers are followers of Islam religion. The bombers typically justify their motives via the citation of the holy book of this religion (Koran). Several suicide bombers believe that if they conducted a religious responsibility via a suicidal bombing, then, they would instantly enter heaven.

The second reason is societal factor. The requirements of an Islamic suicide bomber are intimately connected to a longing for the creation of a societal bond. He or she considers his or her colleagues as brothers and sisters. Furthermore, the Islamic suicide bomber frequently takes preference over family bonds. Subsequently, s/he sways personal affiliates to blow themselves up. According to them (the Islamic suicide bombers), this action signifies devotion to the cause. Also, it impresses their preferred brothers and sisters.

 The third reason is the cultural factor. Their action(s) is typically influenced by 2 cultures. The initial culture utilizes the prevailing cultural attributes and concepts. The second culture is basically a false construction. Of note, however, is the fact that the two (the two cultures) strengthens the conviction that personal-sacrificial conduct is a foundation in this religion (Islam). They (the cultures) are rooted on diverse cultural structures inside the Islamic religion.

Lastly, Islamic suicide bomber take their lives and those of other innocent people owing to psychological factors. I attribute this to the fact that an Islamic suicide bomber who executes a suicidal mission in God’s name is mad (Wright, 1991). 

How do personal beliefs affect an Islamic suicide bomber's decision to act as a human bomb?

Most Islamic suicide bombers are compelled to act as human bombs owing to a number of reasons. First of all, they view the globe intuitively. Furthermore, they are prejudiced and misunderstand certain political, social and even economic issues. A good number of them validate their deadly actions via a misunderstood and maneuvered belief. Also, they believe in eternal life subsequent to accomplishing their suicidal missions.

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Female suicide bombers believe that subsequent to accomplishing their deadly missions, they achieve an intellect of authority in life. Also, they believe that they shall assume the convectional responsibilities of men. It is worthy noting that both male and female Islamic Suicide bombers are driven by the desire to revenge.

What is an Islamic suicide bomber's reward?

Islamic suicide bombers do accrue a number of rewards. These rewards include religious, nationalistic and economical benefits. Others are personal and social rewards. As far as the religious rewards are concerned, both male and female Islamic Suicide bombers deem that they are dedicated and patriotic as they accomplish their deadly mission. The two (dedication and patriotism) beliefs are pooled with a religious responsibilities. The Islamic suicide bombers deem that once they perform a suicide bombing act and perish, then they shall be welcomed by apparitions in heavens. Specifically, they shall be welcomed by a sum of seventy (70) apparitions. Also, they believe that these apparitions shall remove the sacrificial victim’s sins. The apparitions shall also offer them each and every enjoyment that Allah has furnished to human beings (Wright, 1991).  .

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On the other hand, as much as nationalistic rewards are concerned, several patriots use them (Islamic suicide bombers) to spur feelings of hatred to their foes. For that reason, most bombers blew themselves up with a view that their sacrifice shall be rewarded upon reaching in paradise. As much as economical benefits are concerned, Islamic suicide bombers obtain a lot of money. They usually channel this money towards making better the lifestyle of their respective families. On the other hand, as far as the personal rewards are concerned, it is believed that their pictures shall be utilized during the recruitment of other bombers. Finally, a far as the social benefits are concerned, they believe that they shall be respected and also envied by the society (Howard and Sawyer, 2002).

In your opinion, does the suicide bomber consider him- or herself to be a murderer?

According to me, a suicide bomber doesn’t consider him-or herself to be a murderer. I attribute this assumption to several reasons. First of all, he or she considers him-or herself as a sacrificial victim and not a murderer. Two, most Islamic suicide bombers believe that their suicidal missions have a capability of conveying their grievances to their foes. Usually, their foes possess superior weapons such as armored tanks and missiles.  Therefore, they consider themselves to be small weapons and not killers. Lastly, most Islamic suicide bombers believe that once they reach in heaven, they shall enjoy an assortment of pleasures offered to human beings by Allah. For that reason, if their actions are suicidal, then they cannot enjoy these benefits while in heaven.

In your opinion, does the suicide bomber recognize that his or her actions are illegal?

Personally, an Islamic suicide bomber doesn’t recognize that his/her actions are illegal. First of all, they believe that their actions are justifiable by the level of injustices they receive from their enemies. Two, families of the suicide bombers believe that their actions are heroic and not illegal. Finally, suicide bombings are common in Israel. They are usually undertaken by Hamas which is a terror network that is based in Palestine. However, leaders of this terror network have constantly indicated that no vital Israel territory has ever been hit by a suicide bomber. This is a clear indication that according to Hamas, suicide bombing is not a bad act since it has never caused serious damages to properties and massive loss of life in Israel. 



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