Free Essay Sample «Case Study: Race Riot in Chicago»

«Case Study: Race Riot in Chicago»

The core of the problem concerning the racial confrontation is rooted somewhere in the previous centuries and still is one of the topic questions in the world. Conceivably, today the race problem is not as obvious as it was some years ago, but it is very relevant and worth attention of the world community.

Question 1

Analyzing the situation mentioned in the text, it is possible to deduce that the case with the lake division was simply the drive to exacerbate the feud and clarify who were the owners of this very land. It is really challenging to identify an incident that sparked rioting; the matter of fact is that the invisible line was some kind of the trial for both sides to prove the adversaries that they were better and actually did not care about the opinion of other people. Every time when somebody tried to cross the lake line could be interpreted as the step to start the riots, this time there were four black men that defied the white ones. The reaction of the people at Twenty-ninth Street and their stone fights provoked the incident and a young boy was drowned. This was the first incident, but the second one appeared extremely fast and was the last straw: when the black people understood that despite the fact that the white man was guilty, he would not be punished by the representative of law, thereby the obvious injustice served the main reason to spark the great wave of riots.

Question 2

It is vitally important to mention that the cause and the incident are absolutely different things, but it could not be denied that they are interrelated, insomuch as the cause evoked the incident. The difference between these two phenomena is possible to be described in the following way, so the cause of the riots lies in the long-term struggle of African Americans for the equal rights with the whites. Injustice and humiliation that faced the nation of the blacks were the main factors that led to the violent confrontation, hatred, and a huge amount of casualties. The incident consisted in the fact that the boy of seventeen had drown because of the stone-throwing by the whites. The death of the innocent boy and such defiant behavior of the whites gave the impetus to the aggravation of the conflict.

Question 3

The usage of the quotation marks in the phrase “athletic clubs” is the stylistic device as these words show the figurative side of this very word combination. The athletic clubs directly mean the place where people can go in for sports; the synonym for this term is gym, but in this text, the meaning is directly opposite, here the author speaks about the local gangs: “Ragen’s Colts”, “Hamburgers”, etc. According to Kelly (2000), the Ragen gang is believed to be the provocateurs of the riots in Chicago in 1919; the same can be said about the other “clubs”.

The social tension was extremely high after the First World War; the reason was that a lot of veterans had to compete with the recent immigrants from the South for housing and better jobs. The instability and the political disorder in the country that suffered a lot during the war resulted in the formation of the criminal groups that were eager to gain the dominance and control everything and everyone. To be more specific, the “athletic clubs” were responsible for the riots and aimed at destabilizing the situation. The mess around enabled them to do the illegal business.

Question 4

It is a common knowledge that the consequences of every conflict or friction usually affect the innocent people who have nothing to do with the problem that becomes the cause of the discord. This article once again confirms the thought mentioned above. The author provides the data about the number of casualties, for example, thirty-eight people died from two sides, 537 were injured, and a lot of people became homeless. The shocking fact is that nobody took the responsibility for these horrific deeds and nobody helped the victims of this reign of terror in the streets of Chicago.

The other case of the prejudice can be traced in the article; for instance, at the beginning of the story, the reader may face the situation when the innocent man, the representative of the African Americans, was arrested only for his desire to get the fair punishment for the man who killed a young boy throwing that fatal stone.

The indifference towards the innocent people that faced the effects of some destructive force is not something new or strange. Moreover, everybody has already got used this manner of attitude. Today mostly everyone cares only about his/her own ambitions and tries to stay away from other people's problems. The phenomenon of injustice is one of the most difficult social challenges. The worst is that all people around the world have already adjusted to such things as corruption and cheating that they even stop to consider it as something wrong or abnormal. There is no doubt that every day millions of average people face the injustice, but unfortunately, nobody dares to overcome it. All people have to ponder over such attitude to life because such inertia and apathy lead to the destruction.



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