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«Anarchist Theory»

Anarchist theory argues that the state is not desired and harmful in regards to capitalism. It promotes a stateless society i.e. absence of the government in the society (Suissa 44). It argues that the cause of the societal problems is the presence of the government. The government involvement of various problems in the society makes it unnecessary mechanism in the society. For instance the American war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the government is the one which prepares for the war and commits a lot of tax payers’ money to fund the war in terms of the personnel and the machinery used in the war. The anarchist argues that the government does not have the poor people at heart but only deals with those who controls the wealth of the nation (Shantz, 38).

In Canada every original production for example; poems, songs, art, or text books are protected by Canadian copyright law (Karaplis 13). This items are automatically protected are they are produced by copyright laws which are imposed by the government. The Canadians complained that their views were not heard before the passing of the bill. Anarchists feel that the decision was from the rich and that it oppressed the poor or the less privileged in the society (Karaplis 18). The government was however not willing to listen to them since it believed that the bill had been thought well. The protection of intellectual property is taken critical and was solely made by the government. Anarchist believe that anything passed by the state do not benefit them but instead exploit them. Canadians were therefore of the concern that the intellectual property protected by the copyright law will only be affordable among the rich and therefore bringing the issue of class conflict in Canada (Karaplis 23-27).

The Canadian copyright law also prevents the protected property from being accessed by certain users. This is seen as a form of discrimination. This inhibits freedom of information. These information could be to the benefit of few individuals in government and the same information could be used against the people of the country by the powerful people in government. The major decision makers and administrators of the copyright laws are the royalties which exempts the poor from taking part. This law made the rich to get more money from the pay they charge for the copyrighted property. It made the articles to be reachable only to the few. Anarchist argued that anything passes by the state aims at exploiting the workers so as to make profits (D'Agostino 13-16). This example of Canadian copyright law is a perfect incident where the rich only thinks of what pleases them at the expense of the laborers/poor.

The copyright law also applies to the information on the Internet. It protects information against copying and streaming. This therefore makes the data only accessible to those who can afford it. In Canada the administration of these laws is done by the government while liaising with the royalties and interest groups without getting to hear the view of the common man (Karaplis 35).

Anarchist feminism argues that the modern society is dominated by men. Men do not believe that women can be as productive as they are. This view sees that men could pass legislations which could be of benefit to them than for women. This has resulted to women being discriminated upon and in most cases given odd jobs. When they work the same with men, women are paid less with the reason being they have less responsibility. Anarchist therefore fights for women and their rights. They fight for gender equality and feel their roles should be revised. Anarchy-feminist feels that the state discriminates women and therefore push forward for women movements to fight for their rights. In most states women are not involved in the government position and so these movements pushed for the women’s participation. The belief that women should be part of politics and not as state despised them. This theory believe that women could even be better decision makers that their fellow men and advice the government to take this hierarchical alternative of ruling since it will promote gender equality (D'Agostino 24-30).

Anarchist views government to be unfair to the large population of the society. This is so because the Canadian copyright law was passed without consulting the people that will be affected by it directly. It views that the politicians are a few people and holds hostage the whole population in the society either through dictatorship, corruption and various atrocities. The intellects of the masses are being played around by the politicians who are there to exploit the people. Anarchism main concern is the society where there is absence of authority. That is where a social movement exists without a ruling government (Suissa 103).

One of the principles of anarchism is syndicalism. It mainly features on laborers and labor associations. The laborers form cooperative movement that deal with their working conditions and their incomes and is usually formed in order to counter capitalism. The laborers try to fight the exploitation they face from capitalist (Suissa 56). These movements have their governing rules and regulations and are managed by the members themselves. This ensures that the workers receive good pay and are not exploited. Another factor of this syndicalism is to do away with slavery (Giddens 145). These is where the laborers are not happy with the wage system that is enforced by the state. They are against the existence of a government and private ownership of wealth and believe capitalism brings about different classes in the society. It also seeks to better income in return for the effort the put in production.

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Anarchists are in rejection to the Canadian government over the Canadian copyright law since they believe it is against the interest of the citizens. Anarchists fights to improve the waging system of the laborers. These groups believe that there is no government which considers the interests of its employees. The state only acts to the benefit of the bourgeois of the society. The ideas of the rich people are taken at the expense of the poor laborers because the state is corrupt and does not act in justice but instead to the favor of the rich and therefore the poor only become poorer (Giddens 24-30).

Anarchists believed that forming trade unions encourage the workers to work as a team in solidarity as this will make them have a voice. The unions are managed by the workers themselves and the issue of gender equality is put into consideration in that all workers have the same potential irrespective of their gender. They believe that if their success depends on the capitalists, they have to work to attain higher profits. The focus on equality is to support themselves to eliminate the difference in the societal classes (Suissa 86-90).

Another principle of anarchism is individualism whereby individuals focus on their own interests and neglects the contributing factors to their success e.g. the society, ideology and environment. This way it explains the fact that capitalists make use of their workers for their own benefits. It does not see their workers as a contribution to the wealth they acquire. This means they do what pleases them and not their workers (Shantz, 80-84).

Anarchist works hard to eliminate imperialism. This is whereby a more powerful country takes rule over another country. Anarchists are against this because of the exploitation it brings irrespective of the reason e.g. maintaining peace. This has been seen when countries like USA takes power over a less developed country like Iraq and Afghanistan. The super power country takes advantage of the natural resources which could be of a very high value e.g. oil in Iraq. The less powerful nations are oppressed since their people are killed in war in the name of bringing peace. There are other exploitations like poverty, hunger political oppressions. Genocide is also a result of imperialism (Liodakis 23-25).

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There are various strengths and weakness anarchism. First, some of the strengths highlighted by the anarchist argues that workers forming their unions would be able to channel their grievances with great ease and there problems would be solve amicable. It also promotes accountability on bureaucrats and they would not be able to exploit the employees. Through unions, workers are able to speak in one voice and be unified in decision making. They are able to organize strike among the workers to overrule the capitalist system. The workers are also able to easily enact reform mechanisms to improve there working condition and living standards in general (Shantz, 108).

Anarchism also discourages authoritarianism of the Canadian government in effecting the copyright laws. They argue that power should be exercise in a more democratic way. The political system should be responsible to the people and provide protection to the citizens and the workers should not be exploited by the ruling elite. Anarchy also enables people to express their opinion freely and they are able to restrict the government moves that do not favor them. By doing so the government would always feel threatened by the masses hence they would be able to try to suppress the anarchist in order to discourage them. They can be suppressed inform of legislation where people are forbidden to be involved in anarchism (Alois 103-107).

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The suppression is not only practiced by the bureaucrat but also those who benefit from the government jobs. The bureaucrats do so to keep their jobs and continue enjoying the privileges offered by the government. The government usually controls various sectors in the society and these sectors include education, health, financial and parastatals (Alois 111). To head these sectors people are appointed by the government in order to serve the interest of the government. Such people would be able to serve their own interest first hence oppressing the workers. Anarchists are known to fight the oppression by the government through constant demonstrations and mass actions. This keeps in check government action towards the workers and their rights are able to be adhered to. However anarchist usually plays a very important role in the society but they are usually ignored. They are not well published by the media hence their opinions are not taken seriously (Suissa 125-126). They are generally active and very straight forward to their point and strive using all means to make sure that their opinions are heard.

However, anarchists have vastly been associated with violence by the media. They have negative image among various people. This is because when the anarchist is expressing their opinions they do so through violence and demonstration. The anarchists refutes the claim that they are violent but argues that it is the government which use force through the state machinery and enacting rules which are unfavorable to the people. Another weakness of the anarchism is that they are opposed to societal structures which forms the government but does not provide alternative to the government to bring harmony in society (Alois 115).

Without government there would be chaos in society because of absence of laws and order (Liodakis 176). Government is responsible for providing a service to the people and enforcement of the law and order. Anarchy does not provide alternatives to such service provision. Some argue that anarchists use propaganda to make their statements and the structures of their unions does not have the ideas of the workers. They only seemed to want to seize the industrial production and the land. This raises conflict between the state and the trade unions (Liodakis 181).

Today’s anarchists have been involved in various activities to protest government’s oppression. People have been coerced to make protests in various developed countries like the United States of America. Some of the protesters have been channeling their grievances through mass action where they put pressure on government to act on their issues. It includes student’s protests, peace movements’ labor movements and anti-globalisation movements (Alois 130). The anarchy-feminism has been also involved in fighting for their rights in American civil rights law. Anarchists have also recently been involved in animal rights activism where the rights of the animals should be taken into consideration. Worldwide anarchism has made various influences in most of the countries. The protests against world trade organization and the group eight meetings were organized by the anarchists to put forward the grievances on the economic recession. This was mainly done through rioting of the protesters who are involved in running battles with the police. However some of the anarchists have been holding peaceful demonstrations (Shantz, 188).

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Feminism is a great issue in Canada since the government is discriminating on women. Women are not allowed to take some jobs and positions in the government that their fellow men have. The anti-war movements in America want the war in Iraq to be halted by the Obama administration have holding peaceful demonstrations. These movements are calling the government to exercise social justice. Others argue that technological advances have made the anarchists easier to send their messages across the world but it has also helped the government to ease the surveillance and that the propaganda made by the anarchists. The use of technology by the government through the law enforcement agencies has helped reduce misinformation to the citizens. This involves use of gadgets such surveillance cameras, mobile phones and use of Internet (D'Agostino 48).

However anarchists play a very important role in today’s society. They acts as checks and balances to the contemporary governments for example the Canadian government. The use public taxes by the government should always be scrutinized in order to function effectively. According to Liodakis, analysts argue that a government without critics will always oppress the people and does not serve the interest of the people (Liodakis 112). Anarchists view the government should not exist is however not possible because the society cannot function without been governed. The people cannot exist without the government and the government cannot too exist without the people. Several bill have been proposed to gather fro feminism. Widows and unmarried women were allowed to vote in elections (Shantz 97-99). Services such as education, health care, security, infrastructure development, among others has to be undertaken by government. If all is left to be managed by the people it would lead to chaos.



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