Free Essay Sample «A Social Networking»

«A Social Networking»


A social networking site can be described as “a web-based service which permits a person to accomplish several objectives”. One is to create either a full-public or a partial-profile inside an enclosed scheme/system. The second one is to articulate a catalogue of other clients with whom they share a bond. Another objective is to examine, and navigate catalogue/list of links within the scheme. These links normally vary from one social site to another. The term ‘networking’ on the other hand “stresses the link between strangers.

Social sites permit clients to articulate and also to make discernible their social networks. Subsequent to subscribing to a particular site, clients are typically encouraged by the site to spot other clients within the scheme. Numerous studies have been conducted to determine the political, social, and economic impacts of the prevailing social networking sites. This paper will focus on Facebook, and Twitter social networking sites.

Analysis of Facebook

It was founded on the Fourth day of the 2nd Month of the year 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Presently, he is the Chief Executive Officer. It is a privately owned, and managed by Facebook Incorporation.  The firm considers itself as “a service that belongs to the masses which assists them in passing information more effectually.”

 The website doesn’t cost any money to make use of. Nonetheless, it generates a great deal of its income from advertising. Also, it permits its users to buy virtual gifts. So far, it has received financial support from various stakeholders. These include Peter Thiel and Meritech Capital Partners. Others are Greylock Partners, Microsoft among others. As of the 1st month of last year, it reported more than one hundred and fifty million (150, 000, 000) active clients.

Research shows that in the last month of the year 2008, it had received more than two hundred and twenty two million (222, 000, 000) exceptional guests. In that year, it recorded a 1 hundred and twenty seven per cent growth in terms of users.

The firm’s rapid expanding demographic of client’s is amongst persons of age thirty and above. As far as registration is concerned, the client is required to move on to the Afterward, he-or she is prompted to enter certain details. These include date of birth, sex and email address. Others are full name, and password.

Facebook has 4 segments of privacy controls. These include Applications, and Profile. Others are Search, and Wall. Inside each segment, several levels of definite controls exist. Facebook also provides photo tagging services. As of the 29th day of the 1st month of last year, over 8 hundred million photos had been uploaded on the site.  

Analysis of Twitter

It is “a microblogging service which has been in existence for less than 3 years.” This site emerged as a novel intermediary in limelight following the occurrence of a number of certain negative events. One of the events is the jailing of an American student in a Northern African country (Egypt). Another one is the United States Airways plane crash on the Hudson River. This social networking site permits its users to follow fellow users or to be followed. As of the 7th month of last year, twitter had a user base of over 41 million.

One of the most distinguishing features of Twitter is that the link of following a fellow user, and being followed does not require follow back. As far as being followed in this site is concerned, it implies that the client obtains every message from those he-or she follows. A message in twitter is generally referred to as a tweet. Normally, the client is permitted to maintain a precise profile of him-or herself. This profile comprises full name, a web page and the number of tweets of the user. Others are the location, and a short biography. The reputation of this firm has been growing ever since its inception (Liu, Maes and Davenport 20).

Describe its impact positive from a social-political and economic perspective, ultimately answering the question “is there a limit to the any perceived benefits of social networking?”

There are several positive impacts as far as social networking sites are concerned. Firstly, these sites permit users who in their lifetime may possibly have never met to get into contact with one another. This means that social sites craft novel relations. Also, they permit persons who are separated from another to share information straightforwardly online.  Secondly, a number of the sites are perfect for a person who is keen on securing a job with a particular company. In the modern-day world, corporations across the globe have employed experts who look for profiles from time to time in social networks. This initiative is typically aimed at hiring novel collaborators.

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Thirdly, the act of getting into contact with people across the globe via the internet has turned out to be much simpler for timid/shy individuals. These persons normally make use of these sites as to establish contacts. As a consequence, they can interact freely since they have previously interacted through the site. Fourthly, these sites can assist an individual or an organization to promote a particular website or business without any charge. This is achieved through the creation of a business profile. Majority of the social networks for instance, Facebook permits users to upload logos, and more within their profile. These logos are normally visible to their respective virtual allies who visit their profiles.

Social sites allow a user to put themes on factions which are connected to the business. Also, owing to the fact that social sites permit users to establish novel contacts, they may possibly lead to increased sales. Fifthly, social sites can be used by political leaders as a form of an advertisement so as to market themselves. Talking of USA, during the 2008 elections, President Obama used Facebook to market his candidature.   This form of advertisement significantly contributed to his election as the forty second President of the US.

Describe its negative impacts from a social-political and economic perspective, ultimately answering the question “is there a limit to the any perceived benefits of social networking?”

There are several negative impacts of social networking sites.

One, it is apparent that at the moment, millions of kids make use of social rights. Due to this reason, they may possibly turn out to be preys of predatory male or female adults. Also, social sites have turned out to be platforms for online bullying which can negatively impact the growth and their academic performance. Secondly, some of the information that is exchanged over the social sites may be untrue which can lead to undesirable consequences. Thirdly, most individuals make use of these sites to commit a number of social crimes. One of the crimes is identity theft. Another one is the cyber-stalking.

 Fourthly, some users spent a lot of time on these sites. This is associated with reduced productivity. Fifthly, from a political perspective, some Presidential, Senate aspirants and more make use of these sites to negatively portray their opponents so as to woo voters to vote for them (Boyd 24).



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