Free Essay Sample «Evidence Based Practice and Research Methods: Mini-Literature Review Paper»

«Evidence Based Practice and Research Methods: Mini-Literature Review Paper»

Clinical Issue

The clinical issue that was discussed is Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) with a focus on Pediatric UTI. In his study, the researcher notes that the pediatric UTIs are a major health care issue. For example, the children diagnosed with Urinary Tract Infections are given antibiotics in an attempt to stop the infection. The study revealed that one such type of medications is the prophylactic antibiotics, which are given to a patient as a way of limiting complications. The medical practitioners would also administer antimicrobial therapy in this case. In the recent past, studies postulated that the antibiotics could be the best approach to finding an effective solution to the cases of the UTI among children. The Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) affects a great number of children across the divide. Williams & Craig (2009) state that the increased quantity of cases of the UTI among children is a result of poor intervention strategies or the ignorance of the patient. In some cases, patients take long time before seeking medical attention, the situation that only worsens the scenario. However, the traditional conviction is that the children who are diagnosed with the UTI require antibiotic prophylactic. The ideal treatment depends on local antimicrobial vulnerability.

How the Study Was Conducted

The research was conducted using a secondary research in which peers reviewed journals and other authoritative articles. The secondary research as a method of data analysis involves the use of the previously established findings to execute the investigations. This methodology advocates using the data which have been translated into their usable form to justify a given problem under the investigation (Kumar, 2005). This method of analysis is important because it ensures that the information used has been established and is accurate in its context. It is also essential because it reduces the expenses of implementing the original analysis and going to the field to conduct research activities. This methodology is additionally justified on the ground that there are the limited instances of making errors or the information being used becoming distorted because of the biases of the researcher (Kumar, 2005). It is on these aspects that the secondary approach to investigation contrasts the primary approach.

In selecting significant literature for this study, the research framework that was used included the definition of topic`s key words. This was significant in understanding the concepts used in explaining the UTIs. Once this was done, it was followed by the identification of the key sources of information for analysis (Conway et al, 2007). The information identified in the previous stages was further searched by utilizing the key words, as well as adopting the criteria of inclusion and exclusion (Welman, Kruger & Mitchell, 2005). This search was connected to the idea that what was searched based on the keywords. The selected search engine was Google Scholar because it is endowed with the scholarly work on different areas. The government entities and research institutions on health issues were received priority in the search as well. In this perspective, youths and smoking will be the key words for searching information concerning the UTI because they are among the causes of the problem.

Population in the Studies

In this research, the population in the studies constituted children. This population category was the subject of the study because of their vulnerability to various diseases, especially the infectious ones. Since children are unable to control the food products quality that they take, some may lead to complications in their body, of which the urinary system is one of the organs that may be affected. The study also discovered that in this respect the proportion of girl-children to that of boy children is higher in both females and males. The reason attributed to this is that a female child gets involved in both the industry work, as well as household ones; hence the domestic work setting could be infective as well. While for the male child it is majorly in factories and a very small proportion in household. Such factories have the emissions that could affect the lives of the children working in those areas.

Besides, it revealed that in the prevailing majority of households, a family is bereaved of the child suffering from the UTIs and it is the female children who are compelled to substitute them in their duties. In addition, this was not limited to female children only, but it is also applicable to male ones. It was identified that in certain families children do run to be employed not because of the lack or absence of parental attention or extreme poverty, but rather, the hostile atmosphere in their homes. This could be because of the constant quarrel to the child; regular fights between the parents and even the negligence of the parent to care for their children.

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Setting of the Research

The studies took place at a medical facility because there were the children tested for the UTIs and given antibiotics to prevent further infections. The setting was appropriate because there was adequate equipment to conduct the tests and put the population of the study under close monitoring. Similarly, supervisory training, the levels of staff awareness and the issues of gender heavily impact the antibiotic utilization within the health facilities where they conducted the research on the UTI. In this regard, benchmarking is largely a performance improvement tool used in training nurses offering the UTI intervention (Welman, Kruger & Mitchell, 2005). It requires a well-structured process of the hospital’s initiatives to increase the level of awareness on policy issues about the UTI in medical facilities. Therefore, different health entities use benchmarking initiatives to enhance their competitiveness and intervention over diseases in the medical facilities. Benchmarking in medical settings has nowadays evolved to become one of the most essential health care elements in the course of the delivery of medical services and the overall performance of the facilities in preventing the UTI.

Timeframe of the Study

The study was conducted within a period of 3 months. This was long enough to ensure that the tests were effective and the administration of antibiotic minimized the infections.

The Rationale of the Study

The authors decide to conduct a study on the topic because of its relevance to community development. Ideally, protecting the children from the UTIs by testing them and providing medication is a noble initiative that needs further research. In the study, it is illustrated that poverty, hardship in the economy as well as the survival of the family can be the prudent foundation upon which the problem of the UTI is formed (Le Saux, Pham & Moher, 2000). As a result, the government will use the findings of the research to enact the policies that would ascertain that households strike with the menace of the UTI is economically uplifted in order to safe these growing generations from extinction. It adds that nearly in every 10th household more than a half of the children who are underage are suffering from the UTI, yet working in different places to help earn income for the families despite their medical condition. This forms a large percentage of the majority of the households in different cities. This review emphasizes that if the country is aiming at attaining a more rational globalization, as well as an extreme economy (Le Saux, Pham & Moher, 2000), then the likelihood of this creates a barrio to addressing the issue of child labor in this nation.

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Clinical Significance of the Studies

The research was quite significant to both the clinicians and the patients suffering from the UTIs, as well as their families. For instance, the research findings and recommendations could help the nurses identify the most appropriate ways of dealing with the infection and helping the children suffering from the UTI (Craig et al., 2009). In terms of the patients, the research was instrumental in alleviating their suffering and eliminating the disease altogether. On the other hand, the patient’s families could also obtain noticeable relief from the outcome of the research through observing the alleviation of the consistent suffering of their relatives (patients).

This topic of the UTI among child population is crucial and has caught the attention of many people and in the recent decades an increase in policy makers advocating for the necessity to attend to it has increased (Craig et al., 2009). Similarly, the researchers have not been left behind in conducting their investigations as to what underlies the menace, majorly in third world countries. What has additionally attracted the attention of a large number of people is that the presence of well-structured, detailed and reliable statistical data on the child UTI will be very helpful in creating the priorities and a target to address the problem. A continuous analysis of the findings and recommendations is considered an appropriate undertaking for dealing with the medical problem (Craig et al., 2009). The author has also highlighted the policies and interventions pertaining to the child UTIs as relevant health care bodies require deep intervention, monitoring, formulation and regulation to prevent the disease among children.



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