Free Essay Sample «Why Should Marijuana be Legalized?»

«Why Should Marijuana be Legalized?»


The use of marijuana has raised questions in today's world with government institutions in some countries banning it as a harmful drug. Adverse effects of the drug are likely to aggravate if it is consumed for a long time, but it also has several benefits for the body. Normally, marijuana is seen as a harmful substance and people using it are associated with social evils. It is viewed as a sign of "Don't-care" attitude (Jacob 46). Considering its benefits, marijuana should be legalized.


Loss of Personal Freedom

Those that oppose legalization of marijuana argue that it leads to loss of personal freedom. It is thought that when one smokes this substance, they will act in an uncontrollable way; they will be pressured to act by some illusions that they will see. Personal freedom that one enjoys in decision making will be limited as such (Martel 156). However, this is only true in cases of addiction. With regulated intake, the instances of a false sense of being will not occur.

Alteration of Normal Functioning

When in the body, marijuana is said to affect the basal ganglia and the cerebellum of the brain. Here, it will disturb the operation of the brain, and an individual will experience difficulties talking and walking normally. People that use marijuana are thought to be clumsy (Williamson 116). However, this is not true for all types of marijuana because many different types have positive effects on the body. Additionally, excessive uptake for a long period is likely to result in a problem.

Increased Anxiety

Marijuana is associated with anxiety. People that use the drug are reported to be anxious. Cannabis is not all the same, and some forms may contain elements that make an individual anxious. With increased anxiety, a person will lose soberness in work, and this may be detrimental to the economy (Williamson 106). However, in most cases, Marijuana will help relieve the anxiety rather than cause it, and, therefore, it is a good substance that should be legalized.


Good for Health

Marijuana should be legalized owing to its various benefits. To begin with, the substance is beneficial to health. It is known to control seizures resulting from epilepsy. It helps patients with inflammatory diseases such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn disease recover faster. For people suffering from Alzheimer's disease, consumption of marijuana aids their recuperation. The substance creates an unfavorable environment for the spread of cancer. Patients with early-stage cancer will recover (Jacob 66). However, it is important to note that only a small amount is required for health benefits. Therefore, only the use of regulated amounts of the substance should be legalized.

Leads to Cleanliness

People that use marijuana are reported to be clean and tidy. The substance creates a behavior of checking something repeatedly, which psychologists diagnose as obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). They want to see the environment around them being clean and neatly arranged. As that happens in the physical environment, the mind tries to diagnose issues, read widely before making a judgment, and be considerate (Wallace et al., 132). Therefore, the use of marijuana increases both inward and outward organization leading to cleanliness and increased competency.

Increased Performance

Use of marijuana increases the performance of tasks. Some athletes that have been reported to use the substance say that they train smarter and their performance increases after the intake of the substance (Martel 89). It can be considered as an energizer that boosts one's willingness and energy to participate and carry out an activity. When it comes to duty at work, after the use of the substance, a person will work for longer hours before getting tired and more vigorously, hence their performance will increase.


In conclusion, marijuana is a good and healthy substance that every person should use in reasonable amounts. The numerous health benefits and the positive changes it causes in one's life are necessary for good work performance and living in general. However, excess and long-term use of marijuana can be harmful to the individual's well-being. Therefore, the use of small amounts of marijuana in the form of medicinal drugs or food additives should be legalized considering the many benefits it has to human health and well-being.



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