Free Essay Sample «Political Ties Between the UK and China/Germany/France»

«Political Ties Between the UK and China/Germany/France»

Relationship between the United Kingdom And China

The United Kingdom and China have been having a hate and love relationship over the years due to divergent political interests. The Second World War that involved many countries fighting against each other made the two states allies fighting against a common enemy. Another instance of their relations was the Cold War when both nations acted in opposition to each other. At that time, the relationship could have been defined as a hate one as a result of different political ideologies. The relationship has, however, changed over the years because of the gradual move towards globalization.

In the modern times, the political relationship between the two countries can be said to be ambiguous. The reason for this is that the Chinese do not trust the British government and its dealings. The opium war that took place in earlier years always remains a standing issue in many dealings that the Chinese undertake with the British (Collins, 2008). It is important to note that present relationships are not as bad as in the past times, but it is difficult for the two countries to establish trust amongst themselves. The uncertainty that exist between the two nations makes their relations ambiguous (Bould, 2012).

The two governments have established democracy in their countries although the two democracies work differently. The United Kingdom is the latest from them that carried out the general elections in the year 2015. The Chinese government was keen to see who would won them because this would significantly influence the trade with Britain. From this instance, it is clear that the relationship, although ambiguous, is in the process of getting better when compared to past times (Collins, 2008). The British government has been working hard to improve this relation by supporting the communication amongst the two nations. It is in this respect that the relationship between the two countries is bound to become better as years pass and trust develops.

The Relationship between the United Kingdom And Germany.

The political relationship that existed between Germany and the United Kingdom in the earlier years was a good enough. Previously, both countries were ruled by monarchs from kindred dynasties, which meant that their kings had good relations between themselves. The other important thing to note is that both states had intermarriages that occurred among the upper class. . It then means that both countries had a good relationship from the beginning on the political level (Waddington, Jobard, & King, 2009). Only during Nazi dictatorship in Germany and the Second World War the states were the enemies.

In the present day, the political relationship between the two countries is smooth and close. In the recent past, the British Prime Minister has been occasionally traveling to Germany with his family and enjoyes a comfortable stay there regardless of the eminent political risks posed to state officials. The personal relationship that exists between the British Prime Minister and the German Chancellor demonstrates good relations on the country level. The two nations have been seen to support each other at the international stage. They have engaged in consensual support of each other’s policies on numerous accounts. It means that the relationship that was established when both countries were not democratic has continued at the present days.

The political relations that exist between the two states has made it possible for activities such as trading to thrive. Britain is the largest international trader for Germany in the current economic period (Johnson & Soenen, 2009). The political relationship has helped solidify the trading activities that have taken place between the two countries on a large scale. Previously, Germany was known to trade extensively in the Euro zone, but this has changed over the years with Britain being the greatest beneficiary (Golsan, 2014). 

The Relationship between the United Kingdom and France

France and the United Kingdom have had a very weak relationship in the previous years due to distrust that existed between the two countries. In the past, the two nations had some wars against each other, which made them enemies. As time progressed, there were instances where the two countries joined to fight against a common enemy. The Romans, for instance, were first great enemies of both nations many years ago. It is for this reason that the two countries opted to join and form alliance.

In the present days, the relationship between the two states has not improved much, although it is better than in the past times. The two nations have had to forget about some of the problems they had caused each other over the years to build mutually beneficial relations. The French have tried their best in attempting to mend the relationship, for instance, reminding the British of the sacrifice they made during World War II. There are many things that the two nations have been putting into consideration while trying to improve their relations. The British have also done their part by inviting several French Presidents to address their House of Parliament (Waddington et al., 2009).

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The relations between the two countries have continued to improve over the years since they have several defense treaties. They have a treaty that expects conducting a joint training program for their troops in preparation for any eventuality. The two countries also have agreed to share a nuclear simulation center that is located in France showing the improved relationship among them that has had a big impact on the trading activities that occur between the two nations (Waddington et al., 2009). These are the measures that both countries have put in place that have assisted in repairing their relations with positive outcomes.



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