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«Would You Give up Your Lunch Money?»

Cystic Fibrosis

From my research, I came to realize that the cystic fibrosis is actually a disease that is passed from one generation to the other. In simple terms, it is an inherited disease that is possible passed through the genes from parents to their children. A child can get two cystic fibrosis genes, with both parents donating one each. This therefore means that at the time of donation, the genes are absolutely faulty hence the parents are deemed to have not been affected by the disease itself (Andrew Bush, 68).

Signs and symptoms

Symptoms of this epidemic can be established earlier. When an individual is infected, his or her skin becomes saline or rather salty. Further, the subjects of this disease register a poor growth rate and as if not enough, a drastic loss in weight despite the normal consumption rate of food. There is also accumulation of mucus around the throat of the affected child which makes the child to succumb to coughs, chest infections and worse of it difficulty in breathing.

Effects/ problems of CF

Effects associated to cystic fibrosis (CF) involve lung infections, liver and pancreatic failures, intestines dysfunctions and also failure of sex organs. My research further shows that the CF is caused by an alteration in the gene cystic transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR).CFTR is a type of a gene which is crucial in creating sweats, digestive juice in the body and also mucus that helps in countering germs trying to enter the body through various openings. CF has a huge impact on the life of an individual. First, a child infected by this epidemic stands higher risks of getting diabetes and poor bone development. Infertility in men might also be another worse effect of CF infections and also may deprive women the ability to get pregnant. Mentioning all the above symptoms and the possible effects of the cystic fibrosis, it is very clear that there is a need to address the problem while the sun shines.

Possible solutions to the problem

Scientists all over the world are tirelessly working to find long term solutions to this pandemic. From the previous researches carried out, professions in gene handling has explored and publicized that Gene therapy has potentiality to cure the cystic fibrosis. This does not mean that scientists have relaxed in searching for a permanent solution to counter the cystic fibrosis. Further studies are underway. There is a need to establish a cystic research foundation where scientists and other medical professions can put up their minds together and strive to achieve a permanent solution to the cystic fibrosis infections (Ruth Bjorklund, 134).


Establishment of cystic research foundation has however encountered some setbacks when it comes to funding the project.  The entire procedures and processes involved in research are very costly. There are very few donors willing to donate their share so as to enhance research purposes. People tend to prioritize their personal needs without taking a second thought on what is important and beneficial to the entire public. If people are to cooperate, they can easily pull resources that would see the establishment and the running of the entire foundation successfully. With the services to be offered by the foundation, people especially the young generation will be in a position to live healthy and fulfilling lives, ready to face the future boldly. Lifestyles of people will also improve gradually. This is because they can have access to medical facilities easily. Furthermore, they stand chances of benefiting from employment opportunities depending on their fields of specialization and education qualification. Economic prosperity is certain if the foundation is to be operational. The question we tend to frequently ask ourselves hereby arises, how do we respond to the setback of funding the project? With absolute surety, this is very possible and achievable when we have a driving force. First, we should let the public know on the importance of the foundation so as to erase the doubt that they might have, pertaining their money being misappropriated. Also, the government should be involved and contribute a better share so as to give the public morale to follow suit (Arthur Frank, 34).


Today, I would like to urge each and everyone present here in this meeting to take a few minutes and imagine the possible prosperity we are going to achieve from this foundation. It is and has always been my pleasure not only as a researcher but also as a fellow citizen of this nation to participate in ensuring that crucial dreams on the development and growth of mankind come true. With this project being a gateway for prosperity and self development, I do encourage you all to donate money for the running of the cystic fibrosis foundation. The amount contributed will be and already is appreciated. Lets all fund this foundation even if it is worth sacrificing our lunch money. As a challenge, I would contribute an equal amount raised by you as a way of making the entire process excel. Thank you.



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